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Where did cannabis the plant come come from?


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it comes from one part plant to another

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No it does not come from cannabis. It comes from the poppy plant. Just like Opium.

the plant noncopusmentus in latin i don't know the English name

Cannabis drugs are made of leaves from the cannabis plant or from resin(sap) of the cannabis plant

Yes it is part of the cannabis genus.

No. It comes from the marijuana plant. The scientific name is cannabis sativa/inidica.

No. Cannabis is a plant, with THC in it. Opioid's, come from the Poppy plant and synthesized into a narcotic

MARIJUANA, Comes from Cannabis Sativa Plant. It generally refers to the dried flowers, stems or leaves of the cannabis plant, and is being use now as a psychoactive drug.

Yes marijuana comes from the cannabis sativa plant.

Technically, cannabis refers to the plant with psychoactive properties. Marijuana is the flower derived from the plant but weed and cannabis are used interchangeably.

Cannabis 'bud' is the flower of the female plant.

Hemp fabric is made from fibers from the hemp plant. Hemp is a high growing variety of the Cannabis plant.

Cannabis is not addictive and because it has no addictive properties in the plant.

Hashish is created in west asia from a gland called trichomes.trichomes come from a cannabis plant

cannabis sativa is the scientific name for the plant we know as marijuana

You do not make cannabis, cannibis sativa is a plant and is grown just like any other herb or plant.

It is grown. If you're talking about the drug marijuana, that is just certain portions of the plant that is harvested from the Cannabis plant..

Cannabis itself (weed) would be the drug technically but THC and several other cannabinoids are the chemicals produced by the cannabis plant that "get you high".

Any drug made from the hemp plant, (genus cannabis). Sage.

The T.H.C. on a cannabis plant or bud is soaked in oil as a form of transport.

Cannabis sativa, C. indica and C. ruderalis

Cannabis is a plant (hemp or marijuana), and therefore, it "eats" rain and sunshine.

Cannabis is a plant, it does not have ingredients. The main active chemicals are THC and CBD.

The wording of the question could be less confusing, but assuming your question concerns the botanical classification of Cannabis, then yes, the Cannabis/hemp plant we know is Cannabis Sativa, the lone member of the genus cannabis.

The plant with the highest rate of photosynthesis is Cannabis Ruderalis "Hemp" Cannabis Sativa (second highest) and Cannabis Indica (third highest) are the following two runners up.

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