Where did cholera first strike in the UK?

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What is cholera?

Answer . According to the World Health Organization . Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. It has a short incubation period, from less than one day to five days, and produces an enterotoxin that causes a c ( Full Answer )

How can you get cholera?

The vector (the way the illness is spread) is mainly through contaminated water. There are most likely other ways you can catch the bacteria, but contaminated water is where the index case starts.

What was the first labor strike?

The first known labor strike in recorded history occurred in ancient Egypt during reign of Pharaoh Ramesses III.

Is it possible to strike out but still get to first?

yes in major leagues. im not sure about other leagues. if the batter gets a strike three he may try to go to first but the catcher will attempt to throw him out. it is best to do this play on a third strike that the catcher drops or fumbles. this type of play is rrare

First pitcher to strike out 20 in a game?

Tom Cheney struck out 21 batters on September 12, 1962--he pitched 16 innings in that game (the previous record was 18, set by Bob Feller). The first pitcher to accomplish this in a 9-inning game was Roger Clemens, who struck out 20 on April 29, 1986.

What was The First Major American Strike started by?

That would be the Great Railway Strike of 1877 it was started by the railway workers getting angry over the wage cut in their pay. It began July 14 in Martinsburg, West Virginia, of the United States and ended some 45 days later after it was put down by local and state militia's, and federal troops. ( Full Answer )

What Comes first balls or strikes?

When the umpire or TV announcer calls the ball and strike count, the balls come first. If you hear the announcer say something like "The count on the batter is 2 and 1" this means there are 2 balls and 1 strike.

What does cholera do?

Cholera may kill you in hours. You have profuse vomiting and severe diarrhoea. You may die of severe dehydration. Cholera may come in epidemic and kill many people in the town.

What does cholera do to you?

You get bouts of vomiting fallowed by diarrhoea. You are able to go to toilet and pass the fecal matter in your loose motion. Then you pass the profuse watery loose motion, without your knowledge. You rapidly get dehydrated. Untreated you may die.

Where was cholera first discovered?

Cholera was discovered by Filippo Pacini in 1854 in India duringthe Asiatic Cholera pandemic. It was later re-discovered by bothJohn Snow and Robert Koch.

What do you get from cholera?

If your talking about the symptoms there are tons of them. Here are all the things you can get from cholera: vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, low urine output,unusual sleepiness or tiredness, "glassy" or "sunken" eyes, excessive thirst, dry mucus membranes or dry mouth, dry skin, rapid heart rat ( Full Answer )

What is cholerae?

infection of the small intestine due to the vibrio cholerae bacteria, usually through contaminated water or food. can cause diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. usually treated by balancing of water and electrolyte.

Where was the first outbreak of cholera?

In 1817, the first cholera outbreak was recorded by the River Deltas of Bengal (near Calcutta). from the Journal article "Yellow fever, black goddess; the coevolution of people and plagues" by Christopher Willis

Who said strike first strike hard strike often?

(The Quote came from the 1984 movie "Karate Kid" and the actual quote was "Strike First Strike Hard Show No Mercy".) This quote is accually said by Fleet Admiral William Halsey, during WWII, the "Karate Kid" quote is probably derived from what the Admiral said. and it's: "Strike Fast, Strike Hard ( Full Answer )

Where did the plague first strike?

If you are referring to the Black Plauge, it first struck in Eastern parts of Europe and moved up from there.

Is there a postal strike in the UK?

At the end of 2009 there are a number of short (one or two day) strikes. Check news sources for up-to-date information.

When did the first tornado strike?

There is no way of knowing that as tornadoes have been around far longer than there have been people to record them.

Where was the first payable gold strike in Australia?

The first payable gold strike in Australia was in 1851, and was made not far from Bathurst , New South Wales. Edward Hargraves had carefully studied the geology of the area and, convinced that it was similar to that of the California goldfields, from where he had just returned, went prospecting. He ( Full Answer )

Where does the sun first strike each day?

The first part of the U. S. to get the sunrise each day around June is the Maug Islands and Asuncion Island of the Northern Mariana Islands. In December, the east coasts of Guam, Rota and Saipan get the sunrise at the same time (about 14½ hours before it gets to Maine).

Why do they not throw it too first baseman after a strike out?

Because it has always been considered "bad luck" to throw the ball to the first baseman. Same reason that the third baseman always gives the ball to the pitcher after throwing it around - bad luck for anyone else to do so.

Why do they not throw it to the first baseman after a strike out?

It's supposedly considered bad luck. I think some of it applies to practice as well. When a pitcher is warming up on the mound, he will signal the catcher when he's going to throw one more pitch. After that pitch, the catcher might take a practice throw toward second base. Since most catchers ( Full Answer )

Why do you get cholera?

Cholera is a horrible disease that you catch from constantly drinking dirty water. It is very common in poor countries, escpecially African Countries.

When did cholera first exist?

Cholera has existed since ancient times in the Ganges delta so it may have originated somewhere on the Indian sub-continent. The bacteria which causes cholera may have evolved in that area. It uses the human intestine to breed and spread.

When is first strike coming to PS3?

after a month so probably at the start of March First Strike was available on 3/3/11 for the PS3 at the PlayStation store The PC game DLC is to release on 3/25/11

Can you get first strike for wii?

No not yet. But in the instruction booklet for black ops it says that there will be a shop feature. So it's likely you'll be able to download it soon.

What is black ops first strike?

The first map pack released by Treyarch for Call of Duty: Black ops. It includes four multiplayer maps: Kowloon, Stadium, Berlin Wall, Discovery. and one new zombie map: Asscension (which i think is amazing!) :D

Where do you download first strike?

For the PS3 only the Playstation Store. Xbox live has it's own download spot I believe the Xbox market and so do the PC games. No one else can get First strike

How do you download first strike on ps3?

PlayStation Downloads are from the PlayStation Store and I think they even say at the store the only source of game and add on downloads. The cost is $15 for First Strike and you locate it at the store under add ons and then under call of duty black ops.

Why do your first strike maps download separately?

you don't need to download seperately. on the side of your black ops cover it will have something saying bles or any other word depends where you bought it from. underneath it it will have some numbers, now when you download firstrike it will have six choices it will say bles with different numbers ( Full Answer )

Who made the first counter strike hack?

The very first hack was made by the people that created the game CS team and Valve it was impulse 101 which made your weapon have no recoil back in cs 1.1 beta version

When is first strike coming to PC?

March 25th. It has been confirmed. I'm postitive. The PC Map Pack will have to be purchased this time unlike it being issued free for Call of Duty World at War 3 PC Map Packs see related link

Can you get Call of Duty first strike on a disk?

No it is a download for only the PlayStation and Xbox live consoles and also for the PC game. The game disc for Call of Duty Black Ops needs to be in the console so a disc for first strike would not work without major changes and prices increases to allow a stand alone game disc to be made from it, ( Full Answer )

How do you get black ops first strike?

Buy the map pack by getting a Microsoft point card from a convience store and make sure it is like worth 1600 points nad then u type the code into ur xbox and u hav points. Maps are also available for the PS3 and PC through purchase for $15 and in the limited edition Black Ops release for Xbox 3 ( Full Answer )

Is first strike coming to Wii?

Yes it is,because on the wii call of duty black ops there is a option on zombies to change your map but there is only one map available and when you go to multiplayer there is a blank space below the 4 game modes when you connect and on wii menu if you got to saved data it has call of duty black ops ( Full Answer )

Will lightning strike a farris wheel first?

Lightning tends to strike the tallest object in the vicinity. Since Ferris wheels are very tall that does make them a likely target, though other, taller features may still have a higher chance of being hit.

When was there a post strike in the UK?

The post strike in United Kingdom happened on 21st October in 2010. The postal workers begun two days of national strike action following the collapse of talks between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers' Union.

What was the first hurricane to strike Florida?

Can't be answered as hurricanes have been striking Florida sincelong before there was any humans around to name them. And I can'tbe bothered to put the research in into finding out when naminghurricanes began, and which was the first named hurricane that hitFlorida.