Where did chop suey originate from?

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Though it is widely believed that it was invented by Chinese immigrants, the dish originated in Taishan, China.
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What is chop suey?

Chop Suey is a dish local to Toisan in southern Canton. There it ispronounced, "Tsap Suei", but it is most definetly the same dish.Due to early immigrants from China to Califo

Who invented Chop Suey?

I don't know exactly Who but I know it was invented in China

What is chicken chop suey?

Chicken chop suey is an American Chinese stir-fry dish. It is madewith chicken and cooked with vegetables that include bean sproutsand cabbage. The meat and vegetables have a

What is Chop Suey about?

Chop suey is an Americanized Chinese dish. This meal is made ofmeat, cabbage, eggs, vegetables, bean sprouts and is cooked in asauce.

How is a chop suey made?

ingredients : teriaki marinade 5 chicken breasts soy sauce red pepper yellow pepper peas noodles oil method . chop chicken into small peices and marinade in teriaki leav

Why is song chop suey named chop suey?

the song was originally called suicide, but the radio companies said they would not play it if it was named that. so they just named it chop suey.
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Is chop suey a good song?

chop suey is the single greatest song from any metal band
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How does German say chop suey?

chop suey = (das) Chopsuey (pronounced more or less the same as in English)
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How do you make chicken chop suey?

This recipe for chicken chop suey comes from cookbook author Deh-ta Hsiung, who writes that it is "the classical 'Chicken Chop Suey' dish that heralded Chinese food to the wes
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What is special about the Chop Suey dish?

The Chop Suey dish is special because it has become a prominent part of many countries cuisine. Chop Suey is an assorted dish with vegetables and a variety of meats.