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from my house chowder is my DOG
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What is chowder?

A thick soup containing fish or shellfish, especially clams, and vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, in a milk or tomato base. . A soup similar to this seafood dish: corn chowder . A show on Cartoon Network.

What is a good recipe for corn chowder?

Try Corn Chowder with Bacon. Here are the ingredients: 5 cups of corn kernels 1 cup of water ½ cup of green pepper (diced) 1 cup of onions (minced) 6 strips of bacon 1 clove garlic (minced) 1 tsp of oregano leaves 2 cups of milk 2 beaten eggs ¼ tsp of ground white pepper 1 ( Full Answer )

What animal is Chowder?

Chowder (cartoon) is a cat, bear, rabbit thing. It is in episode: The Puckerberry Overlords.

How old is Chowder?

Is group of several soups popular in Canada and New England since the early 1800s. It's name derives from the type of pot in which it is cooked (a Chaudiere).

Chowder plush toys?

nothing has been made yet \n. they have tshirts and a dvd \n. they did release a cool chowder hat,but only to employees \n.

Where to watch chowder?

yOU CAN WATCH IT ON CARTOON NETWORK and on the net i think. You can watch it on Cartoon Network. I say not to watch it on Cartoon Network's weebsite because they don't show all the episodes. Look on Google Video or Youtube. They have most of them at your convenience. Check out the "Hey, Hey, it's K ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients in clam chowder?

The most traditional Clam Chowder is New England Clam Chowder. Consisting of :. Bacon, Onions, Celery ( and it's leaves ), Flour, Fish Stock, Potatoes, Milk, Whipping Cream, and Clams. ~Chestnut

How do you make chowder?

You don't. I don't even think it's possible to turn into a cartoon. Why do you find that possible? This is a silly question. 2nd answer: Chowder is a cooked soup with milk and seafood with salt, thickening, and spices. Clam chowder is a popular one.

How do you draw chowder Cartoon Network?

You could go on dragoart.com and find a tutorial on how to draw Chowder. That site is full of lots and lots of tutorials on how to draw certain things. Cartoon Network have just added some official 'How to Draw' guides, and How to Draw Chowder is included here! http://www.cartoonnetwork.co.uk/sit ( Full Answer )

Can Clam chowder be frozen?

it will ruin the potatoes...they turn to mush and if it is the white clam chowder, the milk will not freeze well.

How did chowder get kimmchi?

Nobody actually knows that... Ive been trying to figure it out but I couldn't find answers....Ill try harder and edit this when I find out.

Who are all the chowder?

Chowder, Mung Dual, Shintzel, Truffles, Kimchiy, Gazspotshow, Panini,Endiv . New Person* Don't forget Ceviche and Gorgonzola!

Does chowder like panini?

He does he hugged her and dreamed of marrying her in chowder grows up since it was a dream

Is Chowder the best cartoon ever?

different people may give you different answers so its can't really be answered straight-forward because some people may like it, while others might think its dumb

Does chowder have parents?

Yes Chowder has parents but they will not show up on the show until Chowder is 18 years old. Mung Daal is his mentor.

What is schnitzel from chowder?

how old are you to be wondering what the hell that its a fictional monster!. sighs at comment above.* oy vey. Anywho, Shnitzel is a rock monster. Sorry I can't remember what episode it says that.

How can you watch chowder?

You can... a) Go to Cartoon Network and wait for the show to come on b) Watch it on line c) Make some clam Chowder and watch it for a few hours

Who are the voices on chowder?

Chowder is voiced by Nick Jones , Mung Daal - Dwight Schultz , Shnitzel - Kevin Richards , Truffels - Tara Strong .

What is chowder about?

Chowder, a cartoon on Cartoon Network, is about a little purple bunny baby hippo thingy who wants to grow up and be a real chef. But, honestly, the little hippo thingy sucks eggs at cooking. He can't even hold an egg without breaking it! And that's just sad- and weird.

Who is ken chowder?

Ken Chowder is a writer born in Manhattan and raised in New England. You can read more information at: http://kenchowder.com/about.html

How do you be like chowder?

To be a Chowder you must; 1- be stupid and work at a restaurant owned by a guy named Mong. 2- you must eat so much you are extremely fat.(like chowder)

Where does chowder live?

Chowder lives in a fictional town called Marzipan City. A big blue-green guy holds the city. In one episode, that big guy shook the town to make an earthquake.

How do you say 'clam chowder' in Bulgarian?

CLAM [klam] I. 1. вид ядивна мида 2 . разг. мълчалив/необщителен човекII. 1. търся/събирам миди 2 . to CLAM up ра ( Full Answer )

What is chowder from cartoonnetwork?

Chowder is a show about a purple thing that eats a lot of food and lives with his cooking master mung daul and his wife truffles and his assistant shintzle. Watch on Cartoon Network. P.S. the funny part is that the characters know that they are in a cartoon.

Who created Chowder in the cartoon Chowder?

C.H. Greenblat was the creator of Chowder. He used to work on older SpongeBob SquarePants and The Adventures of Billy and Mandy episodes and he sketched cartoon doodles while doing so. He also voiced Chowder in the final episode created. Does that answer your question?

Why was Chowder cancelled?

There was no official reason given by Cartoon Network for thecancellation of Chowder, but most likely it was cancelled for thesame reason most every other show gets cancelled. Lack of viewers. Judging from the creator's reaction to the cancellation, it appearshe was ready for it to end. C.H. Green ( Full Answer )

Is chowder the series over?

Yes, the show ended with Chowder growing up. The last episode was aired in 2010.

What kind of an animal is chowder?

He's part boy, cat, bear, and rabbit. That's what the wisdom tooth says in one episode. He has cat tail,bear fat body,rabbit ears,and is a boy.

Can hobos eat chowder?

Yes, of course they can but if u feed them soup they will end up dead the next day they are very sneeky so if they say they like soup then they are lYing

Why did chowder get canceled?

it had good ratings the thing is people were like OMG I HATE THT SHW nd every hate mail i read like "i thought that shw was lame" UR FACE LOOKS LAME lol but ya they cancelled for many reasons my friend told me cause the same person who made chowder made or atleast partispated in making Fish Hooks bu ( Full Answer )

Where is chowder soups made?

A "chowder" soup is a soup with a milk-based liquid (probably with added stock and seasoning) and a main ingredient (sweetcorn or fish etc...). I believe they are popular in Northern America, but also Ireland and Scotland. They probably do exist in Europe, but use a name other than "Chowder".

How do you thicken a chowder?

Take a tbs flour and add cold water till it turns into a thick paste, add to chowder and stir well. Can repeat till you get the thickness you desire.

Why do some people hate chowder?

Personally, I LOVE chowder. There is no disputing taste. People like what they like, and they dislike what they dislike. That's the way the world is.

What is a chowder soup?

A soup made of fish and cooked in a particular way for 2 or more days

Is clam chowder kosher?

Of course not, but you can try to come close with substitutes... here is my attempt: http://www.196flavors.com/2012/11/20/usa-kosher-clam-chowder/

What is meaning of word chowder?

It is a thick stew made of clams, fish, potatoes, onions and other vegetables together with seasoning

Where does the word chowder originate from?

It is an old French/Amerian word referring to the pot in which the product was cooked. Chaudiere - a pot, introduced to North America by Breton fishermen

Who is chowder?

Chowder is the purple, cat-like apprentice in the TV show "Chowder"that aired on Cartoon Network