Where did chris tucker grow up?

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When will I grow up?

People basically never grow up, your body will constantly be changing. At some point in your life yes you will stop getting taller but you are not done growing up.

What will I be when I grow up?

Well it all depends on what you like to do so set a goal in life and try to reach it. Never stop following your dreams. A road sweeper. A vet or a singer. An astronaut or a vet. Bigger. Less inclined to ask silly questions. Anything you put your mind to.

What do you do when you grow up?

That question is entirely up to you. When we are younger we say that we want to be all kinds of different things! But you never really know until you are older. When you are older you can chose what you want to be. Or chose something that you know you will really like. I hope that this answer helps! ( Full Answer )

What can you be when you grow up?

If u wanna be famous here is Famous jobs: Singer,Actor,Actress,Lawer,Doctor,Model,Super Model. If u wanna be less Famous than here some jobs: Farmer,Banker,Marketer,CN worker,Paster,Teacher,Office person,Principal,Raise animals,Art person,Truck driver,Cook.

Where did Chris Brown grow up?

Family Life Christopher Maurice Brown was born on May 5, 1989 in a town of Tappahannock, in Virginia populated at around 2000 people. He is one of two siblings born to Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins. Brown was in love with music from an early age, ever since he could hear the music his parents ( Full Answer )

Where does Chris Tucker live?

Chris Tucker has two homes side by side on winford dr on a gated community in Tarzana, CA. One home I don't think he really lives in it, its mostly empty, a few posters of his movies from the 90"s, a large painting of himself at the living room, a pool table at the dining room along with director's ( Full Answer )

Is chris tucker left handed?

I'm sure he is...Because if you look at the video he did with Michael Jackson, he eats with his left hand, & snaps his fingers with his left hand, while he's dancing...Also, in the movie Rush Hour, after he blows up the car he starts to dance like Michael Jackson, you will see his gun is in his left ( Full Answer )

Was chris tucker in boyz n da hood?

the guy with the double barrel 12ga in the backseat of the red toyota, it sure as hell looks like him, the cast credits doesn't show his name tho... No it was not Chris Tucker it is Lloyd Avery looks very similar to him though

Why do you have to grow up?

We have to grow up so we can experience life and learn lots of stuffs and live your life .. Fyi Enjoy your life!

Who Chris Tuckers parents are?

His mother is called Mary Louise and his father Norris Tucker. His father owned a janitorial service.

Is Chris Tucker muslium?

indeed yes. feel free to go to youtube n type chris tucker. u'll find the answer there.. a video on chris or omar, his name in islam, going hajj.

How old was Chris Tucker in Friday?

Chris Tucker was born August 31, 1972. Chris starred in the movie Friday in 1995. This would have made Chris 23 at the time.

Where did Chris Rock grow up?

Chris Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina but shortly after his birth, his parents moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Then relocated in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Known as and called by him "Bed-Stuy." -- I WAS HERE =]

Why wasnt chris tucker on next Friday?

I heard it was something dealing with his mother and too much profanity/etc in Friday.But, no one really knows but Chris Tucker himself and probably Ice Cube maybe.

Is chris tucker a fan of Michael Jackson?

Yes. Chris Tucker is a fan of Michael Jackson. Watch the video " You Rock My World" by Michael Jackson. Chris plays a huge role in it. He even makes hilarious jokes about Michael showing his affection for him.

Will chris tucker be in Friday 4?

Theres a possible chance ice cube says , chris thinks he's being a bad role model for taking the act of smokey.

Did Chris Tucker have to face racism?

yes, he did and still does too but it rarely bugs him because you can't stop people's thoughts whether it's right or wrong but some of his friends, such as Michael Jackson, have helped him get through those tuff times.

Why did chris tucker stop making movies for a while?

Christopher Tucker began his film career as "Smokey" in Friday along-side rapper/actor Ice Cube. Next, in 1998, he starred in Rush Hour, as Detective James Carter, with martial arts expert/actor, Jackie Chan, making over $20 million himself.Then, in 2000, his son, Destin Christopher Tucker, was bo ( Full Answer )

Why doesnt chris tucker act any more?

He has made so much money from the "Rush Hour" series, he probably can afford to be choosy about his future film projects.

Why didnt chris tucker play in next Friday?

Chris tucker didnt wanna play in Next friday Because ... He into The Church And Next Friday Does Hav Cursing In it So Because He Got Into Chruch He Didnt wanna Do That ...

Did Glen Campbell beat up Tanya Tucker?

I traveled with Tanya some, been on the 'Delta Dawn" (her bus)a few times and know her entire family. Presley(her daughter) and Tanya sang at my wedding when Press was about 5. I know for a fact Tanya's two front teeth are implants and her Jaw was broken by Glen Campbell. She has pictures of the inc ( Full Answer )

How did Chris Tucker get fat?

I haven't actually seen Chris Tucker on TV or in a magazine, so hearing that he's 'Fat' is a big surprise. Anyways, he probably ate a lot. Eating is the only way to get fat..

Why doesn't Chris Tucker act anymore?

While Chris Tucker doesn't appear in many movies, his last moviewas Silver Linings Playbook in 2012. There is a rumor thathe will reprise his role as "Smokey" in Last Friday

Is chris tucker a crip or blood?

He's a crud, splitting himself between the two gangs by wearing red on one side and blue on the other. When he is in contact with either crips or bloods, he only faces them sideways, displaying the right gang affiliated colors for whichever homeboy he is about to be robbed by.

Why is Chris Tucker often seen on video?

Chris Tucker is often seen on Youtube because he is a successful actor and comedian. Popular clips include his appearances in the Rush Hour movies and his stand up comedy routines.

What movie and television projects has Chris Tucker been in?

Chris Tucker has: Played himself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played himself in "Larry King Live" in 1985. Played himself in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played himself in "Roseanne" in 1988. Played Himself - Guest in "The Charlie Rose Show" in 1991. Played Himself - Celebrity Tr ( Full Answer )