Where did christipher Columbus set sail to?

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he wanted to find a short want to the indies

Why did Christopher Columbus sail west?

The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus ( left ) believed he would reach the east if he sailed west. Christopher Columbus was looking for a shortcut to India to get spices.

How long did columbus sail?

Well, on his first voyage, he sailed about 125 or 124. He also had a second voyage-which lasted 206 days. On his third voyage it was around 258. I think he had more voyages, but I'm not sure.

What month did Columbus set sail?

Answer . The first voyage began on 3 August 1492. The second voyage began on 3 November 1493. The third voyage began on 30 May 1498. The fourth voyage began on 11 May 1502.

Why did Columbus set sail?

he set a sail because he wanted to look for gold and find a quicker route to china

When did columbus set sail for america?

Columbus left the port city of Palos in Spain on August 3, 1492. Hehad three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Why did Christopher Columbus set sail?

Christopher Columbus (an Italian Jew) could have been responding to Queen Isabella's proposed expulsion of all Jews from Spain.

Why did Columbus sail for the French?

Columbus was an Italian-born Spanish explorer. He operated under the Spanish Flag in all four of his major voyages to the New World. He did not sail under the French Banner, you must be thinking of LaSalle, or Champlain (of Lake Fame) or other French Voyagers such as Cartier who discovered Canada- n ( Full Answer )

What did Columbus sail for?

columbus sail to find the Origin (india and china) he wanted to prove the earth was round and that you could get to the Origin by sailing west..... in that time england wanted spices from the origin and most countries were trying to find trade routes including england.

Who sailed with Columbus?

The Santa Maria had 40 men, Pinta 26 and the Nina 24. The age of the typical sailor was 24-44 and a ship's boy was 12-18. 85 came from Spain, 4 from Italy, 1 from Portugal. Of these 4 were criminals and there were 25 cats.

Where did Christopher Columbus set sail?

Spain He set sail from Spain but sailed looking for the New Land. Instead he discovered the West Indies. Believing these islands were India, he named them the West Indies.

What place in Canada did Christipher Columbus discover?

Columbus is credited with making the European discovery of America, of which Canada is a part. So in a sense he can be said to have discovered Canada. However, Columbus never traveled anywhere near the lands that are now part of Canada.

Christipher Columbus found America first?

The Native Americans found America first. If you want to know which explorer found America first, it was Amerigo Vespucci. Some people say Columbus did, but he didn't.

When did Christipher Columbus set sail?

Christopher Columbus set sail on August 10, 1492. It lasted until September 30th, 1492. Captain Columbus and his crew saw land October 12th, 1492.

Why did Columbus set sail in 1492?

Columbus Set sail because we wanted to find a new route to Asia and to prove that the world is round (back then people thought the world was flat and you would fall off the edge if you went far enough). He made the last few voyages to discover new Islands and for goods like spices and gold

When and where did Columbus sail?

In 1492 columbus and his crew sailed out to Asia to try to get spices but hit an unexpected target, South America.

Why did Columbus sail on the ocean blue?

Theres a really easy trick to that if you think about it........ Ask your self the question....... Then did columbus sail the ocean blue? Now that rhimes with 14 hunderd 92. So the answer would be it. Now dont get cofused with 19 hundred 92. So that he could find a new rout to the trading grounds ( Full Answer )

What would happened if Christopher Columbus never set sail?

if Columbus never sailed most of us would never be alive because our parents families come from different places and would probably not have met... and some people, when they sailed to America even had babies with the Indians which would also mean that even more of us wouldn't be alive.

Did chistopher Columbus find want he set sail for?

Yes and mostly no. He thought the world was round and he could get to India faster by sailing East instead of West. People had known they could get to India by sailing West, nobody had tried to get to India by sailing East. Columbus did show that you could get somewhere by sailing East. He did not r ( Full Answer )

What area did christopher Columbus sail to?

Columbus had wanted to find a water route to Asia, but ended up on an island called Hispaniola. This was a small island off the coast of Porto Rico with a tribe of Native Americans. He thought he had landed in India. Hence, the name "Indians." His trip was very unsuccessful and the King/Queen were n ( Full Answer )

When did Columbus began his sail?

i don't know but he acually did not discover america, Amerigo Vespucci did which is why we are called america not columbia.

Did Columbus sail for wealth?

Columbus originally set sail to find a quicker route to India. He wanted to find a route that would result in direct trade in India for the Spanish, which would inevitably bring the Spanish more wealth, power, and worldly presence. In extension, it would also result in Columbus becoming more wealth ( Full Answer )