Where did christoher cloumbus traveld?

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Why did Christopher cloumbus explore?

He wanted to seek the route to Asia. Most people say he discovered America, others say he didn't. They were other people who have been to America before him. When, he was on his ship with his sailors, he was the captain. Him and he's sailors did not see any aight of land. His men began to grumble, t ( Full Answer )

How do you knowthat Mary traveld 80 miles from nazarath to Bethlehem?

WE do know that Mary traveled 80 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem . As a decree had gone out by was from Nazareth and from the lAugustus that all must go to their hometowns and register themselves. And Joseph was fron Nazareth and from Davids line.

What did Spain give christoher Columbus?

Columbus had a contract with the Spanish crown. He asked for 10% of the gold he found and the title of Admiral of the Ocean Sea, which would be passed on to his descendants. What he ended up with was nothing. He thought he had found India until the day he died and he spent the final years of his lif ( Full Answer )

Who sponsored cloumbus first voyage?

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand sponsored (gave him money) his voyage. They gave him 3 ships called the the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Who did christoher Columbus explore for?

Columbus's own nationality was Genoan (Italian) but his government wouldn't fund his expedition, so he finally got backing from Spain.

Which queen did cloumbus talk to?

Columbus talked to Elizabeth the first (Isabel I), called the catholic queen or Isabel la católica.

Who traveld west?

The settlers in America that were looking for new lives as farmers, and eventually cowboys.

Have humans or human objects traveld to by or on venus?

humans haven`t been to venus but some unnamed spacecrafts have but they where destroyed within hours because of the heat from the atmosphere. But seven other spacecrafts have done surveys from orbit.

How Marco Polo traveld?

marco polo traveled by ship to make this happen kublai khan a chinese emperor paid the expenses for polos boat

What will happen if a human traveld to mercury?

You would burn to a crisp if it was day and you would freeze to death if it was night. That is if you have a spacesuit and you don't die of oxygen deprivation first.

What if you traveld the speed of light?

The question is about the same as the question, "What if two plus two equals five?" The simple fact is that NO object can travel at light speed in our Universe. The laws of our Universe don't permit it. We didn't write these laws, they just ARE -- we're left with trying to figure them out.

What was cloumbus goals?

The goal for Columbus had to do with the spice trade. He set out todiscover a better route to India. Christopher Columbus was anItalian explorer.