Where did christpher wont to go?

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to his girlfriend house
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Honda CRX wont go in to gear?

check if it will go into gear when the engine is turned off. if it will then it is most likely that your clutch cable has become frayed or snapped. your clutch cable runs from the back of the clutch pedal through to the bell shaped clutch housing. you can also tell if its snapped by finding a piece ( Full Answer )

Penis wont go in?

You probably can't find it. Try to get an expert to help you with your small penis problems.

Where did christpher Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, hoping to find a route to India

Why wont my Bronco 11 go in reverse?

It could be several things-worst case is your transmission is shot. Have you checked the tranny fluid level? The transmission may just need to be serviced(new filter and fluid, easy fix. Could be the torque converter, tranny bands, or rear end. Have you had any problems with it before? Mine would he ( Full Answer )

Windstar interior lights wont go on?

One thing that will cause this is when a door-ajar warning goes without fixing. My Windstar rear hatch showed as ajar for quite some time - after a period, this caused the interior lights to be disabled. Flooding the hatch latch mechanisms with spray lubricant, i.e., WD-40, cleared the false ajar ( Full Answer )

Your hamster wont go on his wheel What is wrong?

Clearly you have stereotyped your hamster to act like they do in films and on TV. He/she probably just doesn't want to do some exercise right now. If this behavior continues then consider going to the vet, without exercise your hamster could become unhealthy and die.

Who is Christpher Columbus?

Cristopher Columbus was a navigator , colonizer , and explorer whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere . With his four voyages of exploration and several attempts at establishing a settlement on the islan ( Full Answer )

Why wont your brake lights go off?

it is usually a defective brake light switch which is attached to the break pedal usuall up under the dash.

Jeep window wont go up?

mechanism is broken or if it is an electric window try holding switch down in down motion for 30 seconds then tap window up on switch until it gets to the top then hold switch in upwards motion for 30 seconds if this does not work then disconnect the motor then reconnect if not break window then ge ( Full Answer )

Where Christpher Columbus traveled to?

\nThe proper way to ask this question would be, "Where did Christopher Columbus travel?" and he landed in the Indies, in Trinidad specifically.

Why wont air go through my trumpet?

Chances are good that when you oiled your valves, you didn't align the pistons properly. When you reinsert the piston into the valve, twist it clockwise (by twisting the button) until it "clicks" into place. That should align the valve properly, and you should be able to play your trumpet again. ( Full Answer )

You wont to go out with a boy?

not everyone does go out with a guy but it depends if your straight or not straight but sometimes people want to experience new things such as going out with different cultures that you haven't been with before like when i was little my parents didnt let me but now i just do it cos i always say im a ( Full Answer )

Your rst forks wont go down what do you do?

Take them to your local bike shop and ask them whether they can be fixed or whether it will cost more money than its worth. Its most likely either bent forks but it could be seized from inactivity and or poor maintenence. No matter what the best idea it to take it to the professionals.

What was christpher Columbus's destination?

i think his original destination was India/Asia because of their spices. i heard that they needed a new route to India/Asian for their spices because the original route had been closed off due to another state's control of that specific trade route. but Columbus journey was interrupted because he ha ( Full Answer )

What do you do if his penis is to big and wont go in?

-> That depends on why it won't go in. What are you calling too big? The vagina has a LOT of stretch to it. It has too. It has to be able to expand large enough for a 7 or 8 lbs (3.5 kg) baby to pass through. If that male's penis is larger than 10 cm in diameter, I can see why you'd have a problem ( Full Answer )

Why wont my PlayStation 3 go online?

All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. Most people who have this also require a router and an ethernet cable or a wireless router to allow connection of more than one device to there int ( Full Answer )

Why wont sting go to wwe?

It is real easy, he has not been asked or offered a contract with WWE

Why wont 1995 3000GT go in gear?

You probably have messed up your synchros. Have you recently changed the gearbox oil? If so, did you use RedlineMTL or Redline MTL90 or GL5 as it says in the manual? GL4 (regular transmission oil) has detergents that eat up the synchro plates, you might want to go dump your oil and put fresh Redline ( Full Answer )

Did christpher Columbus discovered America?

Americans are so ignorant, just like you, first of all their is only one America from Alaska to the south pole, you stole the name, but all of us who are born-ed in this continent are Americans, Columbus did not arrive in or at America, since the continent was named after he died, Americo Vespucci a ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a psp go that wont charge?

your ac adapter is probably bent or something. You could make your own or buy another charger. Its not your PSP. :) Sincerely Kookie Monsta Find me on youtube: Sesame Street JerkS or SSJ Inc

2001 navigator wont go in gear?

your transmission is probably going or has gone, check for tranmission fluid leaks because there might not be enough fluid going to the transmission sensors.

Why jehovae witness wont go in a church?

First, you must know that the correct spelling of the English name of God is "Jehovah" not "jehovae". :) Second, we don't go to Church simply because we don't have them. What we do have are Congregations and Assembly Halls. Now, for converts like me, coming from a Catholic background, I have stu ( Full Answer )

Why was Christpher Columbus exploring?

He was funded by the King and Queen of France to try to make his way to India to get spices but ended up discovering the Americas

Why wont my psp go play this video?

Some videos are not the correct screen size format for the psp go. I have one also and have noticed that some .mp4 files will not play because of the screen size. I noticed that some videos that are meant for ipod work with the psp go. Hope this helps.

What wont a 22 rifle go through?

.22 rimfire ammunition has a limited amount of energy. It will be stopped by thicker layers of wood, metal, by soil and concrete.

Why wont your narcissistic husband let you go?

The usual response of a narcissistic husband is to not want his wife to leave - because he can't imagine the thought or image in his head of any other guy being intimate with her, in any way. It is a big problem, on his part. Your task is to ask the quesiton, "Am I better off with him or without ( Full Answer )

Was sir christpher wren married?

Yes. He was married twice. He married Faith Coghill in 1669. She died in 1675. He married Jane Fitzwilliam in 1677. She died in 1680.

Why key wont go into ignition?

Try moving the steering wheel back and forth. Usually the wheel locks itself when the key is out so the holes become misaligned

Why wont the oil light go out?

The reason your oil light stays might not be nothing major it might just need oil or an oil change. To be on the safe side, check the obvious things. Check the oil level. Make sure you have the right grade and new oil. Has the filter been changed recently? Check that the oil pressure switch is worki ( Full Answer )

Did America wont to go to war?

There is no straight-up "yes" or "no" answer to this question; there was certainly (at least, in my opinion) a wide range of feelings from American leaders of the day, from the President to Congress to Governors. In general, nobody wants their own family's young men to go off and be killed in a fore ( Full Answer )

Why wont the prices of gas go down?

The oil companies are unwilling to lower the price because they would not make so much profit. The various governments will not reduce the tax because they would lose a revenue.

What to do when your 17 wont go to school?

If you can not get your 17 year old to go to school, you can contact the schools truancy office. Depending on the age limit in your state, a 17 year old may be able to drop out of school