Where did civilization begin in the world?

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When did the US Civil War begin?

The US civil war began on April 12 1861 when the confederacy attacked union troops stationed at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

How did the civil rights movement begin?

Answer . On 1st December, 1955, Rosa Parks , a tailor's assistant, who was tired after a hard day's work, refused to give up her seat to a white man. After the arrest of Rosa Parks , martin and his friends, Ralph David Abernathy , Edgar Nixon , and Bayard Rustin helped organize prot ( Full Answer )

Why did the Civil War begin?

One of the biggest arguments between the north and the south, waswhether or not the new states (California, and other states in thewest) would be a slave state or a free state. Who ever gained thosestates would get the advantage to stop slavery from spreading. Whenthe north won California and anothe ( Full Answer )

What was considered the beginning of the Civil War?

Answer . The attack on Fort Sumpter by the Confederate forces, was what was said to have started the Civil War. The causes leading up to the Civil War were over slavery and the freedom of slavery etc. In the election of 1860, our first assassinated President Abraham Lincoln won the election for p ( Full Answer )

Where did civilization begin?

The beginnings of modern civilization - i.e. permanent, stone dwellings, pots and such - are believed to have been in Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq.

How did the US Civil War begin?

The southern states were enraged that Lincoln was elected president, and fearing that he would somehow interfere with slavery, they began to secede from the Union. Some army and navy posts gave up or joined the southern cause. The commander of Fort Sumter, in the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina ( Full Answer )

When and where did the US Civil War begin?

The American Civil War began at Fort Sumter, South Carolina onApril 12, 1861. The war would last until 1865 and resulted in avictory for the North.

Why did the US Civil War begin?

The civil war began over slavery. the north thought it wasn't right for there to be slaves because they didn't need slaves up north. so many reasons im telling you breifly but you should read more bout it. its gk. the northern and southern states had proceeded along different paths of development:n ( Full Answer )

Why did the English Civil War begin?

There are a variety of different causes. Charles married a catholic Charles attempted to introduce a new prayer book William Laud and the changes to the church The Eleven Years Tyranny Irish Rebellion Ship Money Arguments Over the Army The Arrest of the 5 MPs The Nineteen Propositions The Grand Rem ( Full Answer )

When didthe civil war begin?

The US Civil War officially began on April 12, 1861 whenConfederate soldiers began a siege of Union troops at Fort Sumter,which was on an island in the bay at Charleston, South Carolina.The Union soldiers were heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and wereforced to surrender after two days.

When did civilization begin?

The Egyptian predynastic culture was beginning to resemble the Pharaonic ages from around 5,500 BCE. Organized, permanent settlements existed, based around agriculture, and the archetypal characteristics of Egyptian civilization were appearing. Artefacts of stone were being supplemented by those of ( Full Answer )

Why did the Roman civilization begin?

As legend has it, there were two babies left out in the fields, Romulus and Remus. They were found and raised by a she-wolf, and when they got old enough they built there own cities, not being able to agree on one spot to build one city. Remus decided to jump over Romulus's wall mocking him for ho ( Full Answer )

What year did the Inca civilization begin?

The Incas were noticed in the 12th century CE/ AD in South America. They were living on the west part of the continent between the todays Equador and South Chile and Argentina along the Andes. They confronted the Spanish expansion and were defeated by 1532 CE/ AD where their history takes an end. ( Full Answer )

When did the greek civilization begin and end?

Ancient Greek civilization had a long and illustrious history.Historical and archaeological records indicate that thecivilization had its earliest beginnings in the Neolithic Age (6000B.C.E. and later), although it wasn't until 500 B.C.E. that what wenow know as "Classical Greece" took shape. It is ( Full Answer )

When did the Chinese civilization begin?

The Chinese civilization began in 5000 BC and went up to 1300 CE (AD). There were many dynasties such as: The Shang dynasty The Qin dynasty The Chu dynasty The Wei dynasty The Han dynasty I hope this was helpful!

How did the ancient greek civilization begin?

The earliest Greek people were the Minoans. They lived on theisland of Crete 3000 years ago and their civilization lasted for2000 years. Greece is a peninsula that is easily accessible byboat. This feature made it an ideal place to settle and because theMinoans were trading with other countries, Gre ( Full Answer )

Where did civilization begin in china?

Civilization with written history (Oracle bone script) began since the Shang Dynasty,which was 1600BC~1046BC. Broad sense civilization began around 2000BC.

Who was the president at the beginning of the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln had just been elected US President when the Southern states that would become united as the Confederate States of America seceded. According to Wikipedia, part of the reason for secession was due to the South's concerns that Lincoln would abolish slavery entirely.. Since Lincoln had ( Full Answer )

How did civilization begin?

Only theories speculate since no record of how it began officially exist. The going theory, however, is that there was a spike in agricultural activity in the middle east. Since hunting and gathering take so much time, not much was left to innovation. Farming led to less time hunting and more time i ( Full Answer )

When did the ancient civilization of China begin?

Ancient China was one of the earliest centers of human civilization Recent study shows that the stone tools found at China's Xiaochangliang site dated to 1.36 million years ago. Oracle bones with ancient Chinese writing from the Shang Dynasty have been radiocarbon dated to as early as 1500 BC ( Full Answer )

Why did the civilization of china begin?

why did early civilization begin. i need for u 2 answer tha question please its. for my social studies project.. p:s thank u very much it means the world 2 me okay. answer now bye bye talk 2 u soon peace.

When did Aztec's civilization begin?

March 13, 1325 when they founded their capital Tenochtitlan at the place where present-day Mexico City is located.

When did the french civilization begin?

They are said to be a Germanic tribe and inhibited present day France around the 3rd century a.d. They franks also went to war with the Romans so somewhere around the late b.c. Also France means "land of the franks" in latin. Or "frankish land."

Why did the American Civil War begin?

the reason the American civil war begun is because people wanted freedom. they also didn't like their economy and wanted a different one

Where did the fighting of the Civil war begin?

The evacuation of Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour (April 12th 1861) was the incident that started the war. After this, there was a lull before the first pitched battle (Bull Run/Manassas, July 21st), though there had been a few skirmishes in Western Virginia.

Where did Indian civilization begin?

India's civilization started in 2011.The Indian civilization begin China. The Indian civilization beganin 1200 BC.

How did black civil rights begin?

Answers may vary. Some people may say the Civil Rights Movement began with reactions to Emmitt Till's death, others may say Rosa Parks's arrest, others may say Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

Where did civilization in ancient India begin?

Civilization began in the Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization which flourished during Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilization. It was situated on the banks of River Indus

When did the civilization begin in the Nile delta?

Ancient Egyptian civilization began around 3100 bc, when the kingdoms of Lower Egypt (on the Nile delta) and Upper Egypt , trading on a small scale which created a kingdom and civilisation.

Why did ancient Egypt civilization begin?

A difficult question. Consider the astronomical circles at Naba Playa, in Nubia, which some believe reflect stellar alignments as far back as 16000 to 15000 years ago. But others interpret the same evidence as less than 10 000 years ago. Some of the Egyptian Pharaohs may have come from this regi ( Full Answer )

Why did the civil rights movment begin?

The civil rights movement begin because African Americans were not treated fairly and were harmed just because the color of there skin

What stared the beginning of the civil war?

Just after the election of Lincoln the southern states began to talk about leaving the Union. In April of 1861 South Carolina left the Union and Confederate forces attacked Ft. Sumter in Charleston's harbor. This began the civil war.

Who saw the civil war beginning?

James Buchanan saw it beginning that's why he did not ran for a second term which makes Lincoln in line. So James Buchanan saw it.

When did slavery begin in the civil war?

It didn't. It had died out earlier in the North, and the South was finding it harder to establish new slave-states. In other words, the South was trying hard to preserve a system that had outlived its time.

Who were the generals in the beginning of the Civil war?

For the Union, the General-in-Chief was the legendary Winfield Scott, so old that he would have to be replaced before long. The commander of the Union forces at the war's first pitched battle (Bull Run) was the unfortunate McDowell, who knew his army was not ready for combat. In the ascendant at thi ( Full Answer )

How did Russian Civil War begin?

It began when a few groups in Russia decided to try out communism, and then they were called the Red Army. The White Army was the group of people that were still either loyal to the Tsar, or they opposed Communism. It really broke out when the Red Army assassinated Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, ( Full Answer )

When did the Americian Civil War begin?

On April 12, 1861, Confederate forces began the agression of the US Civil War. They did so on a fort that was so low on food that it would have surrendered anyway within a week.

Where did civilization begins?

Civilization is generally thought to hav begun in the area known as the Fertile Crescent, which is the part of Asia that covers Mesopotamia and the land in and around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Nations in this region include Iraq, portions of Iran near the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, and Turkey.. Mo ( Full Answer )

Why did civilizations begin in the river valley?

Since ,food is a basic need of man and for food crops every man needs to perform agriculture. Agriculture cannot be carried out without excess of water, therefore, every civilisations began in the river valley

When did the first know civilization Begin?

The ancient civilization of Sumner is believed to be the first civilization in the world. Established sometime between 4500 and 4000 BC, Sumner was located in what is now known as Iraq.