Where did cleoptra met antomy?

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Cleopatra met Antony at Tarsus where they began their relationship. However, they more than likely were at least introduced while she was in Rome and Antony could possibly even have met her when she was a child when he served with Gabinius in Egypt.
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Why are they called the Mets?

Answer . Beleive it ornot people in New York are refered to as Metropolitans, and so the nickname for them is METS!!!! so they named a team after it

What is the mets font?

The Mets logo is not a font but custom lettering. However, thefonts Ballpark, Lobster, and marketing are very similar.

What is met?

Medabolic equivalents or METs are units used to measure the amount of oxygen a person consumes during exercise.

Why do the mets stink?

The Mets stink Because they can;t hit the ballwhat.what is it with the mets lack of offence

Definition of METS?

METs (short for metabolic equivalent) is a measurement of human energy. A body at rest uses 1 MET to maintain function. Physical activity is measured in multiples of METs. For instance, walking at a 3 mile per hour pace equals 3 METS, as does my favorite exercise Tai Chi.

Do the mets suck?

The Mets have struggled over the past few years but they have a lot of potential for the 2012 season if they resign Jose Reyes. The Mets will be contenders if not next year than the year after, ill guarantee you.

The mets logo?

The mets logo is a orange N with and orange Y starting in the middle of it.

Who is the captain of the mets?

As of 2010, no one on the New York Met's is a captain. Jerry Manuel might choose one soon and if he does, there is a high chance that, that person will be David Wright.

Who is Gluck of the Met?

Well, you could be referring to either Alma Gluck (nee Reba Feinsohn), a soprano in the early 1900's, or you could be referring to Christoph Willibald Gluck, composer of Orfeo ed Euridice, among other operas. She sang at the Met and his operas have been performed at the Met.

What does METS measure?

I can't find a reference to this. Could you say what type of energy, or branch of tecnology, this occurs in, and resubmit with more information

Who are the mets rivals?

Phillies are their divisional rivals, but Yankees are their city rivals who they fight with for fans, sponsorship etc.

What rhymes with met?

Bet, debt, fret, get, jet, let, net, pet, quiet, set, vet, wet, chat and yet are the ones I can think of. Bet, debt, fret, get, jet, let, net, pet, quiet, set, vet, wet, chat and yet Wet,pet,get,set.

Which celeberities have you met?

I met zac efron corbin bleu lucas gabrieel vanessa hudgens and Ashley tisdale kasey sterling knight i met Justin beiber in life he picked me to come on stage with him and he sang his song one time and one less lonely girl and i always wanted to meet chris brown in person i would hug him kiss him and ( Full Answer )

How I Met What if your Mother?

How I met Your Mother was a television show that aired on CBS from2005 to 2014. It starred Neil Patrick Harris.

Where are the mets moving to?

The Mets will begin the 2009 season in Citi Field, which is in Flushing, New York (in Queens), right next to their old ballpark, Shea Stadium.

Why do you like the METS?

Well, because my dads a big fan, because when he was young, in the 80s , he saw the mets win the world series and decided to like them.

Have you met Matt?

HaveYouMetMatt.net is the design portfolio of Matt Sanders, a designer and illustrator from Birmingham, UK

How did the mets start?

New york was yearning for a new team once the New York Giants moved to San Francisco and The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles....the mets, or the metropolitans, replaced the two relocated teams by using the old Giants ny logo on the hat, and using Dodger blue and Giants orange as team colors

What did they do after they met?

It's hard to tell since they were they only ones who were there and nobody else. So your guess is as good as ours.

How Nickelback met?

they met in Ontario and decided that they wanted to form a band so they did a bunch of things and now there famous Um, no. They're from Hanna, Alberta. Chad and Mike are brothers and they met Ryan at school. They met Daniel, the current drummer, when he was with 3 Doors Down.

How did Ndubz met?

Well first off Tulisa(Tula) and Dappy(Dino) are cousins and Fazer(Richard) is Dappys school friend and have been inseprable since.

What If You Met Totoro?

I don't know.Totoros are friendly though.Totoro can be HUGE,but they can be your friends like in My Neighbor Totoro!

Who is the author of Caesar and cleoptra?

Caesar and Cleopatra was a play by George Bernard Shaw which was filmed with Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh in the title roles in 1945.

What does met stand for in NY Mets?

It stands for Metropolitan's, since they play in the Metropolitan Area. They also were considering Jets and Titans before they named the team

Is met a pronoun?

No, the word "met" is a verb. It is the past tense of the verb to meet.

Who is the mets rivals?

The Braves, the Yankees, the Phillies, the Nationals want to be, but the Mets are to good for them.

What is 'How I Met Your Mother' about?

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted (JoshRadnor) and how he fell in love. When Ted's best friend, Marshall(Jason Segel, Freaks and Geeks ), decides to propose to hislong-time girlfriend, Lily (Alyson Hannigan, Buffy the VampireSlayer ), Ted realizes that time may be running out on finding ( Full Answer )

Who is the catcher for the Mets?

The Mets currently have four catchers on their 40 man roster. Their depth chart list Rod Barajas first, followed by Omar Santos, Henry Blanco and Chris Coste.

How did cleoptra affect the roman empire?

Cleopatra was the catalyst that provoked the final conflict between Antony and Octavian and ultimately brought Octavian into supreme power.

What is BS-MET?

In education it may stand for a bachelor in science degree in mechanical engineering technology.

Who started the mets?

William Shea, Joan Whitney Payson, Charles Shipman Payson, M. Donald Grant and George Herbert Walker Jr. Shea tried to create a Continental League that would include the Mets, but no one joined but influenced the NL to include the Mets. Shea Stadium was his namesake The Paysons were former minority ( Full Answer )

How is deductible met?

When the insured/beneficiary (patient) pays the total deductible amount out of his own pocket. A deductible is the amount for which the patient is financially responsible before an insurance policy provides payment.

Why were goals not met?

brandon bruce lee and me we could and should be together tounderstand people are afraid of the unknown

How do you met lesbians?

Anywhere, they are everywhere, if you like the look of someone just talk to them and see what you can find out :) if you aren't that forward, the internet, gay bars and i think there is an app you can get for the iphone, its like an instant message thing that tells you where other gay people are and ( Full Answer )

What is the name of cleoptra sister?

Cleopatra had three sisters; Cleopatra VI, who died as a child, Berenice IV, who her father beheaded, and Arsinoe IV, who Cleopatra had Marc Antony kill.

How glad I met you?

Perhaps as glad as I am that I met you - though I can't say I know much about you at this point.

How can you met a vampire?

the black people come out at night now so the vapires find it hard to find the confidence to go out so its now quite hard to meet them if you and the vampire dont want to get stabed by black people

Does cleoptra have a Persian cats?

History of the Persian cat: The Persian is one of the oldest known breeds of cat. The early history isn't entirely known although it is generally accepted that the early cats came from Persia (now Iran) & Turkey. Italian traveler Pietro della Valle (1586 - 1652) is credited with bringing the first ( Full Answer )

Is met a preposition?

No, met is a verb. Prepositions usually refer to direction: in, above, under, behind, etc .

How about those mets?

They won the World Series in 1969 and 1986. Never count out the New York Mets. The New York Mets and New York Yankees, who had a "Subway Series" in 2000, with the Yankees winning it. The New York Mets have a lot of potential in them, and if not this year, maybe next year.

How was Cleoptra clever?

Cleopatra could be considered clever and even witty at times. She certainly displayed her cleverness in having herself delivered to Caesar in either a mat, rug or laundry basket,(sources vary) and her wit showed through in her fishing joke with Marc Antony.

What to do when you met your ex?

When meeting your ex for the first time it is important to remain calm. Also bring a friend or have an excuse to leave in case things are going poorly. It is important to be honest and not to try to outdo the ex.

What do MET office do?

The MET office (meteorological office) basically predicts the weather. Met Officers are concerned with the science of meteorology. That is essentially the scientific study of the atmosphere and its effect on our weather. All over the world Met Offices are forecasting weather for specific land and ( Full Answer )

What if you met with an accident?

If you are having a Personal Accident policy, firstly you are tolodge an F.I.R. with the local Police station. If you don't havethe physical condition to move, take help from others. Inform youracquaintances over phone so that they can rush help to tide overthe grave situation.

What is the mets?

I don't know how can any baseball fan not know this but The NewYork Mets is a MLB(major league baseball) team that is named theMetropolitans. They are owned by the Wilpons. Fred and Jeff Wilpon.