Where did cleoptra riegn?

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Cleopatra was the last Egyptian pharaoh. She ruled (primarily) from Alexandria, Egypt.
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Which emperor's riegn is known as the golden age of ancient rome?

the five last emperors of Ancient Rome brought a golden age they were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius and Aurelius. The first emperor Augustus also was thought of as bringing a golden age because he made so many good and necessary changes.

Who is the author of Caesar and cleoptra?

Caesar and Cleopatra was a play by George Bernard Shaw which was filmed with Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh in the title roles in 1945.

What did robespierre do in the riegn of terror?

On July 27th 1794 Robespierre was accused of tyranny, barred from speaking at the National Convention, and was placed under arrest as were several key supporters. Although these captives were promptly rescued by soldiers loyal to the Commune of Paris and brought to the Hotêl de Ville the Conventi ( Full Answer )

How did cleoptra affect the roman empire?

Cleopatra was the catalyst that provoked the final conflict between Antony and Octavian and ultimately brought Octavian into supreme power.

Changes in the riegn of nur jahan?

when nur jhan was ruling in place of jahangir in front of coin there was picture of jahnagir and at the backm of coin nur jahna's picture was there

Where did cleoptra met antomy?

Cleopatra met Antony at Tarsus where they began their relationship. However, they more than likely were at least introduced while she was in Rome and Antony could possibly even have met her when she was a child when he served with Gabinius in Egypt.

What is the name of cleoptra sister?

Cleopatra had three sisters; Cleopatra VI, who died as a child, Berenice IV, who her father beheaded, and Arsinoe IV, who Cleopatra had Marc Antony kill.

Does cleoptra have a Persian cats?

History of the Persian cat: The Persian is one of the oldest known breeds of cat. The early history isn't entirely known although it is generally accepted that the early cats came from Persia (now Iran) & Turkey. Italian traveler Pietro della Valle (1586 - 1652) is credited with bringing the first ( Full Answer )

How was Cleoptra clever?

Cleopatra could be considered clever and even witty at times. She certainly displayed her cleverness in having herself delivered to Caesar in either a mat, rug or laundry basket,(sources vary) and her wit showed through in her fishing joke with Marc Antony.