Where did cloud and sephiroth fight in kingdom hearts 2?

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They fight each other at the Dark Depths in Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion.
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How do you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

To make this battle much easier, you should: . Be at least Lv70, but you can easily get to Lv90 by defeating all the powerful Nobodies in Twilight Town or the World that Never Was repeatedly. . max out your Drive levels, although you don't have to; you only need them to be high enough so you can ( Full Answer )

How can you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

This is the hardest boss on the game. I will give you as much help as I can. First, to have any shot at winning you must have all magic enhancing abilities equipped such as all MP rages and MP Haste. The Second Chance ability is also mandatory. Ars Arcana and Strike Raid are also nice to have. Have ( Full Answer )

How to defeat sephiroth in kingdom hearts 2?

Preperation: First off, make sure you are at least lv 70 or higher. Also make sure you have stocked as many high potions as possible. If I were you, I'd set my potions to shortcut instead of spells. Yes, even cura, because Sephiroth will want to drain your mp a LOT. Next, make sure you have your ( Full Answer )

How do you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

Get to lvl 80, then use all the last chance and any other health and life saving ability. Have thunder and cure on the quicklist. About halfway through the fight he will use an ability where he starts to glow. USE A COMBO at this point in time. he will be hard to reach. When you can one hit him, use ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

First and foremost, you will have to have sealed the Space Paranoids keyhole in order to find Sephiroth. He appears just beyond Crystal Fissure (the place where you fought 1000 heartless) in the last section of Hollow Bastion, which is now called Radiant Garden, called the Dark Depths. Hit Triangle ( Full Answer )

Where is sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

He is located at the Postern, and after you talk to him, go find Cloud. Sephiroth will now be in the Crystal Fissure. (RoxasKH2) and level up before you go to him.

How do you defeat sephiroth in kingdom hearts 2?

There are a few shortcut to defeating sephiroth. Here is a list of what you will need to have before you confront him at the Dark Depths. Abilities: . Trinidy Limit . Thunder Boast . Magic Lock-on . High Jump . Arieal Dodge Items: . Keyblade with highest strength (Oblivion, Ultima Wea ( Full Answer )

How do you beat sephiroth on kingdom hearts 2?

The easiest way to beat him is to have the proper abilities, Keyblade, and items equipped. Also, having Sora at a decent level helps. Which is about 45 on Beginner mode, 55 on Normal, and 60 - 65 on Professional. . The proper abilities vary based on your playing style. As a personal preference, I h ( Full Answer )

Where is sephiroth in kindom hearts 2?

You can only find Sephiroth in Hollow Bastion, first time in Postern, the last time is when you fight him, hes at the place where you first see Xemnas, when you beat the 1000 heartless, you can only go there after that, You fight him, Cloud comes and help, you get Fenrir (the strongest weapon in the ( Full Answer )

How do you get to fight Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You can't, but if you want to, buy for Gameboy Advance or Visualboy Advance, the game Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories and play. Or you can get Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix which has a load of added extras, downside, its in japanese....

What level do you have to be to defeat sephiroth on Kingdom of Hearts 2?

This really depends on the player. I've read walkthroughs stating that you had to be at least lvl 80, while I beat sephiroth myself on a much lower level. (Something around lvl fifty, if i remember it correctly). Some people are even able to beat him the moment he becomes available, after only 2 or ( Full Answer )

How can you beat Sephiroth on Kingdom hearts two?


How do you fight terra in Kingdom Hearts 2?

First off, you fight Lingering Will, Teraas armor, not actually Terra. Secondly, it is oly available as a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

How do you make cloud fight sephiroth in kingdom hearts 2?

May seem impossible but, you have to defeat sephiroth in order for them to fight afterwards. i won against him at LVL. 79 reasonable easily, but keep in mind, i had the Ultima Weapon so, it made my MP charge a lot faster XD. After you've defeated him you get: Fenrir Keyblade +1 Drive Gauge

Where do you find sephiroth in kingdom hearts 2?

First go to Crystal Fissure. Then go to the place where you fought the 1000 heartless. Keep going North(Up). You will find a man by the castle(not exactly the castle). Go near him and press Approach(Reaction Command). Sora & Sephiroth will get into an argument. He will challenge you. BUT BEWARE, HE ( Full Answer )

How do you defeat sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

Prepare for the battle beforehand . . Ensure Sora is at least on Level 60.. Equip a keyblade with a good balance of magic and strength, especially one which boosts your MP (i.e. Spellbinder, Oathkeeper, Lionheart) . Equip accessories that increase your MP and HP. . Equip MP Rage and MP Haste, ( Full Answer )

How do you damage sephiroth in kingdom hearts 1?

He is made out of matter, and as long as you believe hard enough, your attacks will be able to damage him. The in-game mechanic to support this is hammering on the select button as you attack Sephiroth. If you do not do any damage, you are not pressing fast enough.

How do you beat Sephiroth Kingdom of Hearts 2?

Solution 1: First at the beginning of the game while your still Roxas choose the sword. Then level up to mid 60s and get berserk charge. Equip it and while fighting Sephiroth use trinity and berserk back to back to beat him. Also make sure you have plenty of Hi potions. Solution 2: Use the Ultima ( Full Answer )

How do you fight sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II and beat him?

I have just beaten him and i find that the guide really helped there are tons of websites out there so just type your question in on Google an you'll find loads of help. I had the ultima weapon on because of the mp hastega ability and i was at level 82. My shortcuts wear elixir, hi-potions, reflect ( Full Answer )

How do you get to fight sepiroth in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

When you finish the computer place, you meet Mickey. Then you go down there and kill Demyx, followed by a thousand heartless (literally). Somewhere around that place you will be meeting Axel. Go back to the place Axel was later, and you find mister Evil. He is very very very very hard to beat. Whe ( Full Answer )

How do you defeat sephiroth in kingdom hearts 2 ps2?

Its sort of simple really. You see, some really 'skill people' would use the Ultima Weapon. Some really cheatful people would use Codebreaker. But if you want to defeat him only with the Oblivion Keyblade, best thing to do is just level up. Go to the peak in the Pride Lands on Pride Rock, where yo ( Full Answer )

Where is sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

In the first game, he is one of the tournaments within Olympus Coliseum. In the second game, he appears in Hollow Bastion where you met Saix and Axel before.

In kingdom hearts 2 where do you go to fight Sephiroth?

go to radiant garden (you must have beaten space paranoids mcp) and if you can from your gummi ship go to the crystal fissure, go past the place where you fought 1000 heartless and he will be in the dark depths :) he's kinda hard to beat goodluck!

How can you defeat sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Sephiroth is rather difficult in Kingdom Hearts II, but not nearly as hard as he was in Kingdom Hearts. I suggest waiting until you are a higher level (70 and up) and use the Fatal Crest Keyblade, so when he uses Sin Harvest and depletes your magic, your ATTACK command will change to BERSERK. this h ( Full Answer )

How do you fight sephiroth in KH 2?

First, since Sephiroth is a optional boss, you need to get as far as you can in the story without the last bosses. Then go to the place where you fought the 1000 Heartless, then you go to the place where you first meed Xemnas and Malificent comes and helps you. There you should see Sephiroth near th ( Full Answer )

In kingdom hearts 2 what useful information can you use to beat Sephiroth?

This is what I did. Hope this is helpful! 1. Have a level to at least 55 or higher. 2. Have the following abilities: Counterguard, guard, item boost 3. Put hi potions in shortcuts(he will take all of hp and mp) 4. Put as many hi potions in item slots.(Need at least 5 or more) 5. Use counterguard if ( Full Answer )

Who is Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

Sephiroth is an extremly powerful enemy. he is the drak side of cloud basically. In kingdom hearts you can defeat him in the collusem but only cloud can truly defeat him.

How do you get the keyblade from sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You don't get it from him exactly, but you have to beat him in the first shot I believe. This activates a cutscene. In the cutscene, it shows Sephiroth asking Sora if he passed on his message to Cloud. Cloud shows up and they begin to fight. Tifa, who is a possible choice for his love interest in ( Full Answer )

Why are Cloud and Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

Cloud and Sephiroth are in Kingdom Hearts because it's director, concept artist, and character designer is Tetsuya Nomura. Tetsuya Nomura is also the character designer for Final Fantasy VII and since both games are made by the same company, they added certain Final Fantasy characters into Kingdom H ( Full Answer )

What is the recommended level to face Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2?

It all depends on certain differences. If you're using a good keyblade (I recommend using the Fatal Crest keyblade) then the battle will become a lot easier. The battle is quite easy to get the hang of. I beat him on Proud Mode at about level 65, but I suggest being at least level 70 if you're n ( Full Answer )

Where is sephiroth in Kingdom of Hearts 2?

You have to beat radiant garden/ Hollow bastion foor the second time and also space paranoids for the second time and then go where you fight the 1,000 heartless and keep on going down and he will be there

How do you challenge sephiroth in kingdom hearts 2?

After the 1000 Heartless Battle, go to the place after the area where you fought them. Press the reaction command "Approach" on Sephiroth. But beware, you must be at least Level 80 to fight Sephiroth.

Where do you fight roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2?

In Kingdom Hearts II, you can only fight Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix , which is only available in Japan. You fight Roxas after Axel's death scene, where you are in The World That Never Was, next to the skyscraper. A cutscene will activate, and Samurais will surround Sora, preventing ( Full Answer )

What do you get when you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts?

In kingdom hearts 2, before your final battle with zemnas, go back to hollow baston (radiant garden is now what they call it) and go to the place where axel told you about zemnas. Setheroth should be there. A short video will play. Afterwards, the battle begins.****WARNING**** setheroth is very stro ( Full Answer )