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Who is CM Punk dating?

No-one at the moment yes they are dating Serena saved cm punk from Kane about to choke-slam him

Who does cm punk like?

who CM Punk likes He is dating Amy Dumas. He is very good friends with Beth and Mickie James

Cm punk entrance song?

His current entrance song is called "Cult of Personality" and it is by the band Living Colour.

What does the cm in cm punk mean?

A common question about Punk's gimmick, and one that comes up oftenwith fans, is the meaning of the initialism CM. Originally the CMrepresented the phrase "Chick Magnet", the name of the tag team hewas in as a backyard wrestler. Punk, however, later changed CM intoan orphan acronym, declaring that i ( Full Answer )

Is cm punk married to maria?

The Last time i heard from CM Punk and Maria they were engaged, this was right before the Benoit incident, so im sure that theyre married by now. No they are not married nor were they ever engaged nor are they dating Amy longer

Who is cm punks girlfriend?

Cm Punks girlfriend was Maria kanellis but now it is a kelly kelly He is currently dating Amy Duma aka Lita

Does cm punk do drugs?

yess he does and he also has sex too duhhhhhhhhhh that's why he is a wrestler with the divas to do it with them

How much is CM Punk worth?

he is worth nothing he is a human being we are worth nothing cause we are people sheesh

How is beter cm punk or the game?

There isn't really a "better" out of the two. They're both really good in their own rights. CM Punk, at this moment time, however, could be classified as being "better" of the two because of the fact that he has the ability to draw many fans now and he sells a fair amount of merchandise. Source: ( Full Answer )

Where do cm punk live?

I already know..and I rather not say because i might and i will get in loads of trouble but, got his address on 411.com>First name: Phil>Last Name:Brooks>City/Zip or Postal:Chicago>State/Prov:IL. There should be 3 listings and it should be obvious which one it is because 2 of the 3 listings says the ( Full Answer )

Cm punk MySpace?

Cm Punk Does Not Have A Myspace. His Twitter Is @CmPunk His Facebook Is Cm Punk WWE Universe

Where can you meet cm punk?

At autograph sessions, meet and greets, or you can go to the hotel where the superstars are staying in.. You can wait until the show is over, and with luck you'll meet him, but due to the lack of time, he will probably just give you his autograoh (If he has time, I'm sure he will take a picture wit ( Full Answer )

What is cm punk song called?

CM Punks theme song is called Cult Of Personality & it's sang by a rock band called Living Colour

Does cm punk want kids?

Why don't you ask him on his Twitter? I venture to say probably not right now in his life

Do you love cm punk?

YES!!!!!! hes one of my FAVORITE wrestlers. you know he used to be on TAPS. the ghost show.

Cm punk heel?

Yep his heel alright. yeah sure at the bash we was still face. but if he was still a face he would not try get himself counted out at Night Of Champions yeah he might not be one yet but it might happen this week or before summerslam he will most probably then became a full blooded heel. so his more ( Full Answer )

What is Cm punk signature moves?

Go 2 Sleep (Go 2 Sleep is where he holds them on his shoulders, drops them and then knees them in the temple) Anaconda Vise (a struggle submission)

How old is CM Punk from WWE?

do the math Phillip Jack Brooks(born on October 26, 1978)better known by his ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on its SmackDown brand where he is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion.

Is cm punk emo?

\nWe cannot be sure. If you have something to add to this answer, please contact a Supervisor to unlock this.

Is CM Punk a punk to you?

It all depends on your point of view there is some truth to what he says but he has a habit to over exaggerate certain aspects of his lectures.

Is cm punk really a punk?

Cm punk is not a punk he is a man who thinks hes a punk. so hes a flamer/poser NO HE IS A STUPID PUNK THAT IS A STUPID CRAZED PERSON WHO BELONGS IN A MENTAL FACILTY and he thinks he is the best in the world well he is not, he sucks and the rock and john cena are better than him

Are the hardys and cm punk kin?

No. They aren't related and were born in different states, Illinois and North Carolina respectively.

Why is she dating cm punk?

Who is she?? Are you talking about Beth Phoenix, well he asked her out and she said yes and they have been dating for almost a year now. They were both single no reason they should not date.

Is cm punk a punk?

no but he is a disgrace to every one who will or is living a straight edge life (The guy who originally posted the above comment is a disgrace to the human race in general and his parents wish they had an abortion)

Is CM Punk a Christian?

He is a Born again Christian back in the late 2010. He even said in a live show that "I am a born again Christian and same as I being Drug Free."

Was Cm Punk In Rehab?

no he's drug free .. why would he be in rehab.. if he's drug free.. come on.. use your head..

Are cm punk and Serena dating?

WWE Superstar CM Punk is not dating The "Anti-Diva" Serena. Punk is dating former WWE diva Lita.

Will cm punk shave his head?

We will find out the answer at Extreme Rules, when CM Punk faces Rey Mysterio in a hair match

Who is cm punks mystery man?

Joey Mercury is the mystery straightedge society member attacking CM Punk opponents during his single matches for the last couple of weeks. yes it is joey mercury. i Hate cm punk and LOVE rey mysterio. and i needed to know who was attaking the greatest wrestler of all time so i want on the wwe forum ( Full Answer )

Does everybody hate cm punk?

No. Cm Punk has lots of fans. And what is there to hate about him? He lives a healthy lifestyle and he's not afraid to be different. p.s! If you don't like him cause he acts as a bad person in WWE, then don't take it seriously. Every real WWE fan knows that it's a gimmick and he's probably an awes ( Full Answer )

Who is the mystery man with cm punk?

I heard rumors that it is Joey Mercury who is the mystery man with CM Punk, because if you look on Wikipedia "CM Punk," which I believe Wikipedia got rid of because it pretty much spoils the surprise to WWE fans, there was a highlighted word that says "mysterious man." Once you clicked on it, it lea ( Full Answer )

Why is cm punk called cm punk?

because cm punk isnt called punk mc (actuall answer) actually Phil Brookes (cm punk) ring name derives from the names he was called whe he was a kid cm meaning cookie monster and punk well reason for punk is that he was called punk

Does cm punk have a book?

No but i hope he releases one soon. me two me big fan of cm punk. he in roh now with kenta

Who will cm punk face at WrestleMania?

C. M. Punk faced Rey Mysterio at W. W. E. WrestleMania XXVI (26), then he face Randy Orton at W. W. E. WrestleMania XXVII (27), this year he faced Chris Jericho for the W. W. E. Champion at W. W. E. WrestleMania XXVIII (28).

Will cm punk ever be fired?

No I dont think so. He is currently in a feud with John Cena. As of now CM Punk has been beating up John Cena. Three weeks ago he did it with the help of new nexus and last week on Raw, the General Manager barred the new nexus members from rignside and CM punk got a new member into the new nexus and ( Full Answer )

Is cm punk still in the WWE?

Yes CM Punk is still is he's just taking some time off to cool down and Best believe it The Best In The World will return!!! BELIEVE BE STRAIGHT EDGE

What match is cm punk best in?

I think Cm Punk is at his best when he is in a fight with John Cena . He brings out all of his anger. Although I HATE Cm Punk, him and John Cena make a good fight, and is full of tension!

Is cm punk the WWE champ?

Yes, he defeated John Cena for the WWE Title at the Money in the Bank 2011 PPV

Does CM Punk have family?

yes but he left them because they didn't care about him and he lived on his friend family then they become his new family

Why does WWE superstar CM Punk have his name as CM Punk?

There has never been a reason as to why Phil Brooks uses the " CM " part of his ring name, or as to what it stands for. Over the years he has given many reason as to what it stands for, including ; . Cookie Monster . Cookie Master . Crooked Moonsault . Chuck Mosley . Charles Montgome ( Full Answer )

Is CM Punk best in the world?

To call CM Punk the "best in the world", would be a matter ofopinion. Such questions can not be answered by one individual aseveryone has a differing opinion.

Does aj like cm punk?

Well she likes CM Punk and Kane and Daniel Bryan that why she kissed them backstage in No Way Out

When did cm punk start WWE?

he started in 2008 after coming over from tna and his name was the pepsi plunge and he also was apart of the true blue clue and he started in ecw and then came to smackdown after winning the wwe championship by cashing in his 1st money in the bank and wwe is gay go UFC

Does cm punk like aj?

It is just a story line, in real life the pair do not have feelings for each other.

Who is better cm punk or cena?

cm punk beat him 3 times once because of r truth so he basicly beat him 2 times and same for john cena. so john cena is better depending on the year

Is the rock and cm punk friends?

No, they are not. Actually everything CM Punk has said about The Rock over the past two years has been his real opinion about the man.

Why is cm punk weak?

cm punk is weak because that guy doesnt work out at the gym well that guy thinks hes the strongest person in the world but that guy sucks dick

When did cm punk was born?

CM Punk was born on October 26 th 1978. This makes him 35 years old now. He is one of the top stars in the WWE and a former multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion.