Where did cobra starship perform there very first song?

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Cobra's first song was preformed at the "Snakes on a Plane" premiere.
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What is cobra starship?

Cobra Starship is a band whose members are Gabe Saporta [vocals];Ryland Blackinton [guitar]; Alex Suarez [bass]; Victoria Asher[keytar]; and Nate Novarro [drums].

What are some cobra starship albums names?

While The City Sleeps,We Rule The Streets . ¡Viva La Cobra! . Hot Mess Cobra Starship announced on their Too Fast For Love Tour (with 3OH!3,Travie McCoy,And I Fight Dragons) that they are currently working on new songs for a new album(:

How old are the members of Cobra Starship?

Gabe Saporta is 30. His birthday is 10/11/1979. (Same day as me :] ) Ryland Blackington is 28. His birthday is 3/31/1982. Alex Suarez is 28. His birthday is 4/6/1981. Victoria Asher is 26. Her birthday is 1/20/1984. Nate Navarro is 24. His birthday is 5/4/1986.

What instruments does each cobra starship member play?

Gabe Saporta - lead vocals. Alex Suarez - lead guitar, backing vocals, synthesizer. Ryland Blackington - bass, backing vocals, synthesizer. Victoria Asher - keytar, backing vocals. Nate Novarro - drums, percussion, backing vocals

How did cobra starship get their name?

Well, the legend is that Gabe Saporta got lost in a desert and got bit by a snake(cobra)and passed out and had a vision of himself going up into a spaceship(starship) and the cobra taught him how to dance. Though the real way they got their name is: Gabe got the words cobra and starship off of a ( Full Answer )

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What are the lyrics to guilty pleasures by cobra starship?

And I came here to make you dance tonight I don't care if I'm a guilty pleasure for you And I don't even know what kind of fool you're taking me for So you've got some brand new clothes you never could afford before Oh brother, spare us all We don't care anymore We just wanna get d ( Full Answer )

Which songs have curse words in the cobra starship album?

on While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets (im just gonna say the track number.): 4 (has it in title), 8, 9.. On Viva La Cobra: 1, 2, 5, 7, 11.. on Hot Mess: Pete Wentz is the only reason were famous.. Other Songs: I kissed a boy, hollaback Boy

Cobra starship member names with pictures?

Gabe Saporta (Vocals) - http://images.askmen.com/photos/the-lunchbox-auction-benefiting-food-bank-for-nyc-the-lunchbox30627.jpg\nVictoria (Vicky- T) Asher (Keytar, occasional vocals) - http://www.so-bad.net/lj/vspamvspam01.jpg\nAlex Suarez (Bass) - http://9.media.tumblr.combhwV2RCC7n4untliGQCBhmQqo1 ( Full Answer )

How old are the band members of cobra starship?

As of 9th March 2010: Gabe Saporta: 30 (birthday 11th October 1979) Alex Suarez: 28 (birthday 6th April 1981) Victoria Asher: 22 (birthday 19th January 1988) Ryland Blackinton: 27 (birthday 31st March 1982) Nate Novarro: 23 (birthday 4th May 1986)

Where did the band cobra starship get its name?

Gabe Saporta was lost in the desert when he was bit by a snake (a cobra), and then had visions of going on a spaceship (starship) and a cobra teaching him how to dance. . then he formed Cobra Starship

Who are the band memebers of Cobra Starship?

The band members of Cobra Starship are Gabe Saporta (lead vocals), Ryland Blackinton (lead guitar), Alex Suarez (bass), Victoria Asher (keytarist), and Nate Novarro (drums).

What are all the songs on cobra starships albums?

There are three albums: Hot Mess, Viva la Cobra, While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets Hot Mess: 1. Nice Guys Finish Last 2. Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous 3. Good Girls Go Bad (ft. Leighton Meester) 4. Fold Your Hands Child 5. You're Not In On The Joke 6. Hot Mess 7. Living In The ( Full Answer )

Is Pete Wentz In Cobra starship?

no pete wentz is in fall out boy. Yeah all pete did was discover them he has never even done guess vocals in a song

How old are Cobra Starship?

they started getting noticed more in 2006 but i bet they have been around longer:)

Is cobra starship gay?

He is, he was on a red eye last night from las Vegas to new York with his boyfriend after he sang at miss USA.

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Is cobra starship an Australian band?

I don't think so i think they are from all over america. Gabe the lead singer is from Uruguray but moved to New York when he was a little kid. Victoria Asher is From Britain but the other three guys are from America, Conneticut, Florida, and New York

Is the Cobra Starship CD out?

Cobra Starships has 3 cds out. - While the city sleeps, we rule the streets (2006-2007) - ¡Viva La Cobra! (2007-2008) - Hot Mess (2009-2010)

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Who are the members of the musical group Cobra Starship?

Cobra Starship is a dance-pop band featuring five members. Gabe Suporta is the lead singer, Ryland Blackinton on guitar, Alex Suarez on base, Nate Novarro on drums and keytarist Victoria Asher. All provide backing vocals.

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Who are the band members of the music group Cobra Starship?

The band Cobra Starship is comprised of Gabe Saporta, Ryland Blackinton, Nate Novarro, Alex Suarez, Victoria Asher and Elisa Schwartz. The lead singer of the band, which hails from New York City, is Saporta.

What movie and television projects has Cobra Starship been in?

Cobra Starship has: Played Themselves - Musical Guests in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played Themselves in "The Best Hit USA" in ( Full Answer )