Where did cocain come from?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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the white man put loads of it in a train pushed it in to the projects and make people kill and fight over it.

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the devil of a white man loaded it in the projects and let people fight and kill over it.

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Q: Where did cocain come from?
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What is the treatment for cocain?

There is no treatment for cocain

When was Cocain Romance created?

Cocain Romance was created in 1934.

Is there a drug that will show up as cocain on a drug test besides cocain?

No drug other than cocain should show up as cocain. If you are afraid of it showing up on a urine screening then don't do it.

Does crack cocain leave a residue?

Does crack cocain leave a residue

What does cocain do to the brain?

It causes you to replace words like does & cocaine with "dose" and "cocain".

What about cocain will it flush cocain?

I don't think you can flush any drug from your system.

Can you test positive for cocain if you dont use it but drink behind someone that dose use cocain?


What forms could an illegal drug come in?

Crystal - meth, nn-dmt, crack cocain, etc... Powder - cocain, codien, 5meo-dmt, heroin, etc... Liquid - blotter(LSD), LSA, PCP, etc... Semi-solid - some forms of LSA, Heroin, cocain(not usuall),etc... Solid - marijuana, microdots(LSD), Hydrocodone, MDMA, ect...

Can you die on cocain?


Who Discovered Cocain?

The egyptians.

Is codeine the same as cocain?


What category is cocain?