Where did cockamamie come from?

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It is American/English slang, origins during the second world war meaning ridiculous. There is some argument that it derived from an earlier French word 'decalcomanie'
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Where do THEY come from?

Answer . THEY is a specil type of mythical beast. Answer . THEY is a specil type of mythical beast There are many places in which cars and vehicles could come fromsuc

When will you come?

As soon as I can get the time off from work. But I need to know your location in order to get there. How long can I stay?

How come you are you?

You are yourself because God made you, of course. --- Each person is a unique individual, even someone who is a twin or triplet.

What did you come from?

December 2000. Scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli bacteria. Source: Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH. For as long as we have known about them, scientist

Where did they come?

It's either Big Bang or Genesis. (Please try to be specific.)

What for you have come?

compulsory natural force of attraction between opposite sexual desire is the cause of my arrival.

What are you and where did you come from?

You are a child of the most high. You have a creator, a father, a friend. He loves you very much. Your journey here is a test to see if you can make it back to him.
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Where did we come from?

It depends what you believe in. Some people believe that godcreated us and some believe we came from apes or fish. And somepeople believe god created evolution. Really it depe
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Where do we come from?

God made all the world and he wants a relationship with all
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Where did I come from?

You are a product of the genetic material supplied 50% from yourfather and 50% from your mother and from the place where you wereborn.