Where did codfish fritters come from?

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Where do THEY come from?

Answer . THEY is a specil type of mythical beast. Answer . THEY is a specil type of mythical beast There are many places in which cars and vehicles could come fromsuch as the United States. Cars can also come from Japan and Italy.

Picture of codfish?

Codfish pictures can easily be found by doing a google image search, or by typing the word 'codfish' into a Wikipedia search

What eat potato codfish?

LOVE , GANET . large mammals like white sharks and blue whales eat potato codfish .

Where do codfish live?

They live in water, oceans. They use to live in Newfoundland but they disappeared awhile back.

How many calories are in an apple fritter donut?

The short answer is... it depends. There is considerable variety based on brand, size of fritter, etc. Some examples might help, though. Starbucks Apple Fritter: An astonishing 790 Calories, including 37 g of fat Dunkin' Donuts Apple Fritter: "Only" 290 Calories, with 13 g of fat It seems th ( Full Answer )

Can you come get me?

I can't come get you, because I don't know who or where you are. But if you aren't safe where you are, please talk to an adult you trust about it, so that we can make sure you are safe. Okay?

What comes after a?

I'm pretty sure its B in the english alphabet, it might vary in other languages.

What is a fritter?

A slice of fruit, veg or meat deep fried in batter.. e.g.. Pineapple fritters. Potatoe fritters. Spam fritters

When will you come?

As soon as I can get the time off from work. But I need to know your location in order to get there. How long can I stay?

How did they come to be?

animals were made by god who made the earth and us and is all powerful

How come you are you?

You are yourself because God made you, of course. --- Each person is a unique individual, even someone who is a twin or triplet.

What is the Latin root word of fritter?

Fritter comes from the Latin word "fractura." For any other similar questions you could refer to the Online Etymology Dictionary: http://www.etymonline.com or the Oxford English Dictionary, which is also online: http://www.oed.com

When did the can can come out?

The can can started in around 1830, in working-class ballrooms in Paris. It was first performed in the 19th century, and is now considered an acceptable part of world culture.

What is banana fritter?

A fritter is any kind of food coated in batter and deep fried . The word comes from the Latin *frīctūra (" frying ") by way of Old French and Middle English . It can refer to a dessert , a side dish or a main course food.

Can it come to this?

Of course, any relationship can come to "this", although "this" is often undefined except by the person asking, "Can it come to this?" And of course, the person asking wouldn't phrase it as, "Can it come to that" because the situation is in the present and so, "this" is typically used.

What are fritters similar to?

i guess a little like flapjacks (not sure what they call them in the US but they like fat pancakes).. they are savoury mostly and are made with sweetcorn or pumpkin and you fry them in a pan. they really are good and they are like spongey eadable disks. sounds a little silly but it is the best way ( Full Answer )

Where are they coming from?

There Mothers Answer . They are come from nowhere and strive to go somewhere. This is known as the meaning of life--

What comes in a can?

Many products and foods are packaged into cans or tins. Here is a list of some canned items: . Foods, including sardines, tuna, ham, spam, coffee, nuts, spices, most vegetables, some fruits, some snack foods, and many microwavable foods. . Drinks, including soda pop and juices. . Snuff is in a c ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients of a chicken fritter?

Chicken Fritters contain: chicken, salt, parsley, lemon juice, all purpose flour, baking powder, eggs, and milk.. Please refer to the link below "Recipeland" for a good Chicken Fritter recipe.

How do you use the word fritter in a sentence?

Example 1: . My mom said the state fair had the best apple fritters to eat. (In this case, fritter is a food) . Example 2: . My mom said I should not fritter my time away, by reading comic books all day. (In this case, fritter means "to slowly lose or waste") . Example 3: . I ate a ( Full Answer )

Where do you get spam fritters from?

A spam fritter is a slice of Spam fried in batter. Commonly eaten with chips and mushy peas , spam fritters are served in fish and chip shops and burger barsin the UK . They were firstintroduced during World War II due tofish being unavailable. Spam fritters were so associated with thewar t ( Full Answer )

Why Captain Hook is a codfish?

Because Captain Hook is the bad guy from Peter Pan and Peter Pan and the lost boys called Captain Hook a codfish because Peter Pan wanted for Captain Hook and his pirates to gone forever and ever. First Captain Hook had his pirates chacing the Wendy, John, Michael, and the lost boys up to the look u ( Full Answer )

Is codfish a vegetable?

It is not Its just another word for the fish cod but its codfish , so its practically a fish. But a different name for cod.

Is codfish same as pangasius?

Cod is not the same as pagansius. Pagansius is also known as the "Vietnamese river cobbler". Although the river cobbler is not inedible, it is not the same quality as cod. Sometimes fish and chip stores substitute this fish for cod when cod cannot be found at a suitable price. They don't always tell ( Full Answer )

What for you have come?

compulsory natural force of attraction between opposite sexual desire is the cause of my arrival.

What is conch fritters?

A conch fritter is a deep fried piece of conch. Conch is a shellfish found in the Caribbean in salt water. This is usually served as an appetizer with dipping sauce.

What are the adaptations of a codfish?

They have anti freeze which is a protien, in their blood which helps them not freeze to death. they have a barbell under their chin which helsp them find food in merkey wwaters and acts as a taste bud Cod Fish have a Barbell under tblood heir chin, which is a whisker like organ Cod Fish have a Bar ( Full Answer )

What are you and where did you come from?

You are a child of the most high. You have a creator, a father, a friend. He loves you very much. Your journey here is a test to see if you can make it back to him.

What is another word for fritter?

I am pretty sure that in Italy they call it frittilli (I don't think that's the correct spelling). ;)

What is fruit fritters?

The only Fruit Fritter I know of, is a kind of donut that our local donut bakery offers and they are delicious! In the dough are bits of fruit and nuts (mainly apples and pecans I believe) it is made into a very messed up circle about 4" in diameter, deep fried and the glazed. They are wonderful!

What fritter mean?

\n \n\n \nTo do things corresponding to another, such as monkey sees monkey does. \n. A fritter is something which is deep-fried. \n. To fritter away is to dissipate, to lose things in small and trivial increments. "She won the lottery and frittered all the money away on booze."

When is the fishing season for codfish?

The fishing season for codfish begins around the month of May. During this time, it is easier to catch codfish as they are more abundant during this time period.

Where did we come from?

It depends what you believe in. Some people believe that godcreated us and some believe we came from apes or fish. And somepeople believe god created evolution. Really it depends on what youbelieve in.

Where i come from?

Where, indeed? You were born biologically to your parents, but theexact reason as to why we are able to reproduce is not known toscience. It can explain a great deal about the biology and geneticsof human reproduction, but why it should happen in the first placeis and always will be a mystery. My an ( Full Answer )