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India ?

Why do you have to pay for refill on your coffee you belong to a groub of men who meet once a week for coffee an small talk when you can go to a mcdonalds an get all the free coffe you want you guess?

Answer . Because McDonalds knows how to please people, and figures that a group of people who come back for free refills of coffee is a profit, and produces happy people who are willing to come back. Dinners only think of making the profit, and don't care if you come back, cause more people will ( Full Answer )

Where is Coffs harbor?

Coffs Harbour is located on the northern coast of New South Wales, Australia. It is about 530km north of Sydney, and 296km south of the Queensland-NSW border.

When was coffe invented?

The first coffee is thought to have come from Africa in the 13thcentury. Instant coffee was invented and first used in 1909.

How do you get a coffe apron on Club Penguin?

The giftshop catalog changes every month. Each catalog, there will be a Penguins At Work page. There's sometimes a coffee apron. That's a way to get it.

How do you clean orange coff medicine out of a rug?

Here is a site that I would highly recommend. They have very high quality stain removal techniques. I would suggest repeating the process after the first application, and rinsing the rug out with cool water in between applications.

How many calories in a cup of coffe?

No calories in non-flavored coffee if you drink it black. Not sure about flavored coffee. Cream, sugar and all the other good stuff can raise the calorie level quite considerably.

Is coffe good for you?

coffee is good for us as it make you more fresher. No, coffee is not good for us drink, it's hard on the bladder, kidneys and stomach.

How long does it take from Sydney to Coffs harbor?

The road distance between Sydney's CBD and Coffs Harbour is 533km, and it takes an average of six to six and a half hours to travel, depending on traffic.. Flight distance is 437km..

Is coffe healthy or not?

Too much of anything is bad for your health. 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning can be healthy because the antioxidants it contains. Caffeine can improve mood, settle the stomach, alleviate asthma symptoms, act as a diuretic, help with a headache, stimulate bowel movement, and more. It is bad fort li ( Full Answer )

How do you make coffe on Club Penguin?

how to make coffee on club penguin? oh that's just to easy! ask your parents to look into making you a member and buy the coffee apron and pressd when you are not in chatting mode! (i think... mabey ask someone on club penguin)

How do you make coffe?

i think you get and coffe powder pour into milk mix it till disolved put what ever filling or no filling

Could you give road map directions from dubbo new south wales to Coffs Harbor new south wales?

Dubbo NSW. 1. Head east on Talbragar St toward Carrington Ave 0.2 km. 2. Turn left at Newell Hwy 0.2 km. 3. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on Newell Hwy 0.3 km. 4. Turn left to stay on Newell Hwy 64.3 km. 5. Turn right at Oxley And Newell Hwy 1.1 km. 6. Con ( Full Answer )

Why is the big banana in coffs harbor?

Because The Big Banana has been an attraction at Coffs Harbour for an approximate 40 years. They also Built it because Coffs Harbour is a GREAT tourist attraction.

How do you say coffe in Spanish?

"Coffee" in Spanish is "café". It is pronounced "kah-FAY". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

Distance from Coffs harbor to Parkes NSW?

From Coffs Harbour to Parkes by road is a distance of 762km, travelling through Tamworth. It is a full day's journey, taking between 9 and 10 hours, without breaks.

How was coffe invented?

The history of coffee goes at least as far back as the thirteenth century. It has been believed that Ethiopian ancestors of today's Oromo people were the first to discover and recognize the energizing effect of the coffee bean plant. The story of Kaldi, the 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd who dis ( Full Answer )

Which is the largest coffe growing country in the world?

the largest country is Brazil, Columbia also has a large export of coffee, many countries in cluding the Latin American countries depend on coffee for their livelihood. coffee is the second largest commodity on the stock market it is only passed by OIL

Is coffe homogeneous?

yes coffee is a homogeneous mixture because it cannot be seperated into their compounds by physical method and it also has a uniform composition throughout it gives the same taste in every sip.

How do you make coffe without a coffe maker?

first of all buy the frozen coffee granuals ,then boil the kettle. For a perfect cup: 1.Select your favorite mug. 2.Place half a teaspoon of the coffe granuals in your selected mug. 2.Put some sugar in if you wish 3.Add milk (i like 1 quarter of the cup to be full of milk) 4.Pour in the ( Full Answer )

What is coffe good for?

Coffee isn't good for your health, but it's an option to Drink Coffee. Coffee is sometimes used to keep people awake .

How To Make Coffe?

Buy a coffee maker, filters, and a bag of ground coffee. Read the instructions on both. This will generally involve putting the coffee filter in the appropriate place in the machine, adding ground coffee to the filter as directed by the instructions on the coffee, adding water to the reservoir on th ( Full Answer )

Why do people drink coffe?

Because they feel like it . Many people drink coffee because the caffeine in coffee gives them an energy boost, and a general feeling of well-being.

Where are smiggle shops in Coffs harbor?

There aren't any full smiggle shops in Coffs Harbour - the post office in the main part of town sells some smiggle branded merchandise though!

Why is coff spelled cough?

Our spelling derives largely from Middle English, which is not that difficult to read. It would be much more difficult to understand if you were listening to it however, because those spellings reflect how the words were actually pronounced at that time. While the pronounciations have changed, the s ( Full Answer )

What is the chemical formula of coffe?

Coffee is not a chemical compound but a brew so it does not have a formula. If you meant to ask about the formula of caffeine I can give you the emperical formula: C8H10N4O2 It's based on Xanthine which has 4 hydrogen atoms, 3 of them are bonded to nitrogen atoms. In caffeine these three hydrogen ( Full Answer )

How far away is Bruxner park from Coffs harbor?

Bruxner Park is about 10km from the centre of Coffs Harbour. It is the closes piece of rainforest to the CBD, with walking trails and a lookout over the city.

What for you have come?

compulsory natural force of attraction between opposite sexual desire is the cause of my arrival.

What are you and where did you come from?

You are a child of the most high. You have a creator, a father, a friend. He loves you very much. Your journey here is a test to see if you can make it back to him.

How many miles is it from Albury to Coffs Harbor on a plane?

The distance between the above places is 550 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance as seen on the map. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport distance.

Where can you get dreadlocks done cheaply in the Coffs Harbor area?

I had my dreadlocks done a littleover 2 years ago in Coffs Harbour and today they look perfect. Iused to take the train up from Sydney just because the cost washalf the price, it was worth the trip. Here is the name andaddress: African Hair Braids (Kuei is the main hairdresser) 16-17 Harbour Dr ( Full Answer )