Where did cold war take place?

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It take place some where you don't know that is why you are looking.
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When did the Korean War take place?

June 1950 to february 2005ceasefire was signed in July 1953 The Korean war started in 1910 and ended when World War II ended. It was a war between North and South Korea.

Did Pearl Harbor take place during the Cold War?

Answer . No, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese on December 7th, 1941. It was the end of the "cold war" that the US was waging against the Axis in World War II and the start of their "hot war" involvement.\n. \n"Cold war" and "hot war" can be used as general, descriptive terms, as demonstra ( Full Answer )

When did the Cold War take place?

It started shortly after WWII ended in the late 1940's when the allied forces were dividing up Germany. Russia took half of Berlin and East Germany and the rest of the Allied forces got the rest. Russia immediately refused entrance or exit of any citizen once they took over their claimed lands and t ( Full Answer )

Why was Cuba an important place in the Cold War?

Cuba in the Cold War Following a revolution in 1959 Cuba adopted Communism, being the only state in the Americas to have a do so, or at least to have a Communist government that lasted. (In fact, it's still in office in 2006). An attempted invasion from the US ('Bay of Pigs' [and no it was not a ba ( Full Answer )

Why did the Korean War take place?

The USA went to war in Korea for three reasons. The first reason was the 'Domino theory' - China turned Communist in 1949 and Truman feared that the next 'domino' would be Japan. The second was to undermine Communism and protect the American way of life - in 1950 the American National Security Counc ( Full Answer )

Where did the Revolutionary War take place?

It took place in what are now the thirteen states of New Hampshire,Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania,Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, SouthCarolina, Georgia and parts of Canada. Vermont was part of New York or New Hampshire. (The statessquabbl ( Full Answer )

Why did the Vietnam war take place?

Vietnam was the second "hot" battle of the Cold War (the fight against communism). Korea was the first "hot" battle. Vietnam was fought under the rule of the domino theory, if one country falls to communism, then the next one will fall. We fought in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism.

Where did the Cold War take place?

the cold war actually necer really had a certain place that it was taken at but it did have to do with the U.S and Russia after world war II

Why the Trojan War take place?

Answer . Oral epics such as those recorded by Homer typically have their roots in real events. Often archaeologists can eventually corroborate some of the details of oral traditions with archaeological finds. This is the case with Troy. Evidence over the past century suggests that ancient Troy w ( Full Answer )

Why did the cold war take place?

Russia immediately refused entrance or exit of any citizen once they took over their claimed lands and the war began

Where did the Trojan war take place?

In Troy \n. \nIn the city of Troy. Troy was an ancient city in Asia minor,(turkey). Many myths, heroes and ledgend come from the story of the Trojan War.

When did cold war take place?

The Cold toke place from 1945 to 1991. It started at the Yalta Conference Feburary 4th through 11th 1945. And it ended without a signal shot in 1991 with american the victor.

What took place during the cold war?

The Cold War was a military stand-off between the Communist Superpowers and the United States. Each side waiting for an excuse to push the buttons to launch the atomic missiles at one another.

What countries did the cold war take place in?

The Cold War was the NAME of a military stand-off between the USSR & US both of whom were armed with Nuclear Weapons.. The Atomic Weapons created the Cold War.. There was no actual war fought.

Why did the war take place?

Because the British wanted more land and they had their right because the French called war!

Where did the Anzac war take place?

The ANZAC's (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) fought in many battles around Europe. They fought the Turks on Gallipoli, Belgium, the Western Front, France and the Middle East.

What were the wars that took place AFTER the cold war?

Well, there was a rebel conflict between Somalia and the US which took place in 1991 (end of the Cold War) and has been going on ever since. In 1998 a terrorist organisation called Al-Qaeda began a serious of bombings on American territory such as the USS Cole and a US embassies in South Africa. T ( Full Answer )

Where does the civil war take place?

wow lots of places near Virginia it all started when the south which is the confederate started to shot at fort Sumter with was a slave state but did not break away from the union so the south said with their shots that they did not want union states in their side which was the confederates state ( Full Answer )

Where did the cold war take place at?

The cold war never really took place. It was when the USA and Russia threatened that they were going to launch nuclear missiles. There were arms bases stationed all throughout the coast of the USA, ready to launch missiles at the command of there leader (the president)

Where did the the Trojan War take place?

Various sources propose/assume it happened around the sea coast of Asia Minor and the islands, culminating in a battle for the city of Troy located next to the Dardanelles strait.

Where did the Civil War take place?

The US Civil War took place in the states bordering the arbitrary division between the "Northern" (Union) states and the "Southern" (Confederate) states. The capitals of the respective combatants, Washington DC and Richmond, VA, were only 96 miles (154 km) apart, but were defended when attacked. . ( Full Answer )

When did the vitenam war take place?

The war began approximately 1963 and peace was declared in 1973 BUT, we did not pull out until approximately 1975.

How and why did the cold war take place?

Hence the name, 'cold war', the cold war is the war that never turned hot. It was the arms race between the Americans and the Russians, or as some like to think of it, capitalism and communism. It all started after the end of the second world war, when the Russians, the British, The French and Th ( Full Answer )

In what years did the war take place?

It takes place 170,000 years ago in the Vordarian Beltway Galaxy, 850 trillion light-years from our Milky way galaxy.

Where was the Korean War take place?

I think the answer should include off shore areas where the United States Navy sat for three years, doing shore bombardment and launching air strikes from aircraft carriers on North Korean targets. It should also include the furthest south North Korean troops went into South Korea in the year 1950, ( Full Answer )

Why did the Iraq war take place?

The war in Iraq is said to have started because of the terroristattack on 9/11. There have been many that believe that the attackon the World Trade Center buildings was a US government ploy inorder to start a war with Iraq because of the amount of oil intheir country.

Were was the war take place?

I think that many of the people who submit questions to this site really should be working on their English skills rather than asking questions about history. What war are your talking about? And even if you identify the war, your question should read "where DID the war take place?" not "where was t ( Full Answer )

What is the Cold War and where did it take place?

The Cold War was a unique kind of war fought between Communist and Free World ideologies from 1945 to 1989. In some places it involved espionage. In some places it involved diplomacy and propaganda. And in some places like Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan it involved real war. The principal opponents ( Full Answer )

Did France take place in the Cold War?

I am sorry while as a Canadian it would be nice to think of France as an incident, it was not. ;) I think the question is did France take part in the cold war and did the cold war happen in France. Generally France is a NATO country and was actively involved in Opposing the USSR and its goals during ( Full Answer )

Cold war took place?

it took place at Russia and America. but it did kinda take place in Cuba and Turkey

Why was the cold war a scary place to live in?

The cold war was a frightening time period to live in because there was no actual fighting between the Russians and the Americans. The scariness occurred from the tension between the two nations, and the anxiety of a potential nuclear war. A nuclear war would essentially end humanity, so many people ( Full Answer )

When did cold harbor take place?

On May 31, 1864, Gen. Sheridan managed to occupy Old Cold Harbor, repulsing the Confederate's counter attacks. On June 3, 1864 the Union forces broke out an offensive against the opposite Confederate positions but they were repulsed with a loss of about 7000 dead and wounded.

When did the war of independence take place?

The American war of Independence started in 1775 and ended in 1783. The American War of Independence took place all across the Thirteen Colonies which form the eastern seaboard of the United States. The major campaigns of the War were in New York State, eastern New England, Virginia, and the Caro ( Full Answer )

Where did the Cold War take place in Berlin?

A large part of the Cold War staring contest took place in Berlin, which was then divided, although the city was located entirely within Communist East Germany. Suggest you search "Berlin Airlift" and "Berlin Wall" for further info on Berlin's role in the Cold War.

How did the civil war take place?

Because the southern 25 states wanted to have slavery but the northern 25 states wanted everyone to be treated equally

Why did Persian war take place?

The immediate cause was that Athens and some other cities gave aide to Greek cities in Ionia which were rebelling against their Persian overlords. The ultimate cause was that the Persian Empire was constantly expanding and eventually it would have found itself in conflict with the emerging power of ( Full Answer )

Where did theBannockburn war take place?

It was a battle (part of a bigger conflict) and was known as the Battle of Bannockburn. It took place in Bannockburn (strangely enough) in Scotland.

Where did it take place in cold war?

The cold war did not take place in any specific location. It did however involve the United States and Russia because they were the only super powers left in the world after WWII.

Where did this war take place?

War happens because of human error that's what happens when man touch the feet of achivement. In my opion WAR'S mean that world aggrecive religion's socity,if people come one mannar the people will find it's own benifitive luck

Why and when did the cold war take place?

The Cold War took place between the years 1945 to 1990. Both of the world's two superpowers of that time period, the US and the USSR, were deeply suspicious of each other and feared that they would become the victim of a global power struggle, therefore they both constantly maneuvered for any availa ( Full Answer )

When did the phoney war take place?

Between September 1939 and May 1940 - it was the period after the British declaration of war on Germany and before the German invasion of the Low Countries and France. Although fighting did occur (Norway, for example) it was characterised by the lack of significant land offensives in the expected ( Full Answer )

When did the mob wars take place?

According to some references on the subject of mob wars otherwise known as the Mafia, the first war took place in Palermo Italy in 1963. Many innocent bystanders were also wounded.

When did the Kosovo war take place?

The Kosovo war lasted from 28 February, 1998 until 11 June, 1999. It was an armed conflict in Kosovo and involved a rebel group fighting with NATO and Yugoslavia forces.