Where did collie buddz go to school?

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collie buddz (colin Harper) attended the vanguard school in Lake Wales, FL
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How do you go to school?

You can take the bus,ride a bike,walk,take a car,ride a scooter,take a taxi or not go at all i prefer to walk because walking gives you energy but when you take vehicle's it just wastes your energy.

Why do we have to go to school?

There are two theories. The fiction one, and the non-fiction one. Non-Fiction: We attend school to receive an education. That way, when we are older we know how to handle situations and such. Fiction: We attend school because grownups are sick of us and want to torture us. Adults are really ( Full Answer )

Why you have to go to school?

you need to go to school to be more educated and when you grow up you'll have good job and your life would be much easier.

Why do you go to school?

-You go to school because it's COMPULSORY until the age of 15. -To get an education to help make your life better. -We also go to school to see friends who we don't hang round with outside school. -To learn so you can become successful at life and not end up in the streets as a hooker or a janito ( Full Answer )

Why you go to school?

You go to school to achieve an education which will better you in the future by allowing you to get a better job to earn more pay to support you and your loved ones.

What schools can you go to for law school?

Not all universities have law schools, but there are too many law schools to list here. You just need to look at whether the university has a program and whether the program meets your needs. I wouldn't say a tier 1 school is required to get a good education, but do make sure it is at least accredit ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to go school?

So you may get an education and then some day get a job. Withoutschool you know as much and you wouldn't be as smart.

Why do we not go to school?

We don't go to school only if we are sick, or we have a problem with family, or we are on vaction. We have to go to school because without it we wouldn't have an education and we wouldn't know how to do anything. And without school your parents wouldn't even be able to teach you anything. I know we ( Full Answer )

What schools can you go to?

for home schools (online schools for elementary, middle, and/or high school) there is IQ Academy, and K12.

Why do you have to go to school?

You just do, because it's against the law not to! Also, it's so youlearn and it'll help you get a good job when you're older! because it can keep u out of trouble and so you can be smart and so you can spell and talk and all the above

Why go to school?

OK,i am 13 years old and i go to school trust me i hate it too,but i need a good paying job when i get older.I know we all hate it but when you look back at it later on you realize those are the best time of our lives.

What school do you have to go to?

You have to go to nursery then primary then secondary then college for your education and you have to go to school.

Can you not go to school?

can you? yes you can just clone yourself and make your clone to go to school for you

Do border collies go good with cats?

Dogs of any breed are NOT natural enemies with cats. People have trained their dogs to hate cats, this being said, most people will also tell you that they have had dogs and cats in the same household for years and always get along fine. so if you plan to have a border collie and a cat they will lov ( Full Answer )

What is collie?

A collie is a distinctive type of herding dog, ultimately originating in Britain , especially in the upland areas of the north and west.

Are online schools as good as going to school?

That depends on your lifestyle. For example, if your a working adult with children or a family, the traditional college life may not be for you . however there are some great online schools out there.

Do you have to go school?

Yes! Unless you are homeschooled or done school. It is the law!!! we go to school to learn pretty bad if u don't go u miss out Ag might have to chat-ch up.

Can you go to law school after nursing school?

Yes you can, but since the two areas are so different I would imagine that you would have to do a great deal of under grad work for the law school since you didn't follow that track for nursing. There is more history, government, and writing skills needed for law. Not to mention the LSAT test you ha ( Full Answer )

What schools did Francis Bacon go to school?

Francis Bacon went to school at Trinity College, Cambridge in April 1573 at the age of 12. He finished going to school at Trinity in December 1575.

How do you not have to go to school?

fake sick at home and if they dnt buy it go to school and go to the nurses office and have them call home first or just start crying and say that how bad your in pain

What are the lyrics to collie buddz song hustle?

cant understand everything exactly, but basically the lyrics go like this: collie buddz - hustle yo, a from mi sing bout di herbs come around mi no stop get trouble when mi plane a touch down ? hold me bag like a dat me bring come and ah search mi from head down to ground ( Full Answer )

Am i going to have to go school tormrrow?

I don't know. Barring a natural disaster in your area, or excessive snow, or a personal or family tragedy, I'd say, "yes". In any case, if you do go, will you print out your question and show it to your English teacher? =)

Do you have to go to school?

Yes, you have to go to school so you can get your education so you can get a job to support yourself.

Do collies cast?

My collie DOSE cast but only twice a year. Before the spring/summer (to take of the winter coat) and before the autumn/winter (to take of the summer coat and to grow in a thick winter coat) if you brush your dog during this peiroud i really dose help!

Is the collie the same as the border collie?

No. The breed referred to as just the "Collie" is a very different breed than the Border Collie. In fact, the Collie is usually called a Rough Collie or Smooth Collie, based on whether it has long or short hair. Some Hollywood examples of each: Lassie was a Collie. Fly from the movie Babe was a Bo ( Full Answer )

What school did they go to?

Wofgang and his sister Nannerl were homeschooled by their father, Leopold Mozart. He mostly did his teachings on the road, though, as the Mozart children were always out and about on tours.

How old is Collie Buddz?

Craig Markiewicz, aka Collie Buddz, aka C-Money is 32 years old (birthdate: August 21, 1984).

Why do you not go to school?

If you didn't go to school you wouldn't have the smarts to get a job and if you didn't have a job you wouldn't earn any money for material items.

Schools to go school?

If you have the brian power then go to and high college or if your not reedy for it then you can start at a community stay there for 2-4 years then move into the big one don't ever tell your self no tho that's is so not cool

Are Collies the same as Border Collies?

Nope. They're different dog breeds. Border collies are the smartest dog breed and the most common color is black and white but can also be brown and white. Both are great herding dogs but border collies are the best herding dogs because of their intelligence. Border collies also need a job to be hap ( Full Answer )

How do students go to go to school?

How Students Go to School . Some students go by bus, some students go to school walking, others ride their bike; WEARING A HELMET . Some students get picked up by their parent/guardian by car.. But I wouldn't recommend children under 6 walking or riding a bike to school alone. But if they wal ( Full Answer )

Who invented school and why do you have to go to school?

in the early 19th century by King Frederick William III found our modern schools and we go to school so we aint dumb and so we can get good jobs well i donschool tbh :') but we gota go or we will end up as sum dumb t think we need hobo :') x

How can you be the coolest in the school if you go to a private school?

i go to a private school as well and honestly i don't think trying and wanting to be the coolest is the way to go about it. if your being yourself and are funny, smart and kind and people like you then your one step closer. a big part of being popular is having lots of good friends, it also helps if ( Full Answer )

Where can one go to purchase Collie dogs?

The best place to go is to a reputable breeder. It is helpful to be able to trace the history of the dog's parents and make sure that their is a lot of diversity in the gene pool. Collies with a parent appearing several times in the family tree can be susceptible to genetic disorders and hereditary ( Full Answer )