Where did collumbus ended his sail?

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On the island of Hispaniola.
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What are the Sails of a sail boat?

Strictly speaking, a boat's sails serve to catch the wind, propelling the boat forward. They can be adjusted in a number of ways using things like sheets, halyards, topping lifts, cunninghams, and other lines. Sails are generally adjusted based on what direction the boat is facing relative to the wi ( Full Answer )

What is sailing?

Sailing is a sport that requires the changing of the rigging and rudder on a boat to change the direction and speed of the boat. The boat is moved by wind against the sails.

Why was sailing invented?

Sailing was invented for transport purposes at first. When the land ends, in order for ancient tribes and civilisations to expand their howizons, they had to somehow get over oceanic areas. It is impossible to trace exactly who first came up with the idea of tying pieces of wood together in order t ( Full Answer )

Where did the Titanic sail from?

Answer . British luxury passenger liner that sank on April 15, 1912, on route to New York from Southampton, England , on its maiden voyage.

What is the NGB for sailing?

Answer . The NGB (National Governing Body) for sailing is ISAF (the International Sailing Association Federation).

If you sailed east of Japan where would you end up?

If you sailed east from japan, you would end up hitting into California or baha California(part of Mexico), assuming that you didn't encounter a Pacific isle somewhere in between.

What is a sail?

A sail is a piece of fabric attached to a boat, causing the wind todrive the boat along.

Where did Balboa sail to?

Vasco Núñez de Balboa (1475-1519) travelled to Hispaniola (Santo Domingo) in 1502, but his farming venture failed, and in 1509 he stowed away on an expedition to the Spanish settlement of San Sebastian in Panama. The settlement was abandoned after natives attacked, and a new colony was establ ( Full Answer )

How to shorten a sail?

Typpically the term is used for reefing a sail, but can refer to changing to a smaller sail. Reefing is accomplished by lowering the sail down the mast or stay via halyard, and reefing or making up the foot of the sail with ties so it remains aerodynamic and isn't messy.

What are the sailing events?

There isn't really events per se, but their are different kinds of boats you can sail like optis, lasers, and 420's. You can also choose to do fleet racing which is by yourself or team racing.

How does sailing work?

Answer 1 A sailboat gets its forward motion by a combination of the wind onits airfoil shaped sails and the counter-acting effect of the keelin the water. Except when the wind is nearly directly behind thesailboat, the sailboat is pulled forward by the low pressure areacreated on hte curved side o ( Full Answer )

What did the Vikings sail in?

The vikings sailed into England, Ireland, Iceland, Russia, and North Africa. But they mainly only thinking about to attack the England.

How many sails on a sailing ship?

It depends what type of sailing ship: Modern, racing dinghies have between 1 and 3 Old, battleships like those in Pirates of the Caribbean can have 15 or more! In general though, a sailing boat has the large mainsail, a smaller foresail or jib, and perhaps a large balloon-like spinnaker at the ( Full Answer )

What are the variables in sailing?

\n. \n. \nA very wide question.\n. \nIn dinghy (small boat) sailing, the RYA method teaches 'five essentials'\n. \nSail setting\n. \nCentreboard\n. \nBalance (side to side)\n. \nTrim (fore and aft balance)\n. \nCourse sailed (which is about tacking, allowing for tides etc. Basically, it is a ( Full Answer )

Where did diaz sail to?

diaz was sent by king john for spiritual and material reasons. He was supposed to search the lands of a legendary priest and African king called Prester John and had to challenge the Muslims over the trade with Asia. In a storm he unknowingly sailed around the southern tip of Africa. On his way back ( Full Answer )

Where did Magellan sail?

He was sailing for Spain, and he was the very first man to sail around the world! Go Ferinand Magellan

Where did cartier sail from?

Jacques Cartier sailed from France in April of 1534. He was lookingfor a water route from France to Asia, as well as for spices andgold.

What rhymes with sail?

bail, bale, pail, fail, mail, tale, tail, whale, gale, hail, jail, nail, quail, rail, veil, avail, dale, kale, male, vale, ail, sale.

How do you sail a sailing boat?

You need all the senses. (eg. sight,smell), a boat, a sail, some water to sail in would be good, a tiller, a rudder, and some wind would be useful too.

How do sails on a sail boat work?

Sails catch the wind which propels the boat forward 2nd Answereer says: Previous answerer has been tricked by a trick question: IN REALITY the wind foils around the the sail and PULLS the boat forward. A sail is nothing more than a vertical wing, providing LIFT. Should you ever have the pleas ( Full Answer )

Did sailing ships sail at night?

Yes - what else could they do on a long voyage. They had lights so that other ships could see them coming.

Who ended up in SA when trying to sail India?

Pedro Alvares Cabral was searching for a trade route to India when a tempest blew him to Brazil in South America. He explored for a while, established a colony, and then continued on the India.

How old do you have to be to sail?

Here in the USA, I obtained a Red Cross sailing qualification certificate at age 14. There were 12 year-olds in the class as well who passed. This class educated a person in safety, survival swimming, navigation, rules of the road, crewing and skippering a small boat, and some flag recognition. Chec ( Full Answer )

Where can you sail in Sweden?

Where there's wind. We don't have that many hidden places for sailing, but the High Coast (Höga Kusten) is very beautiful.

Sailboat is to sail as?

Sailboat is to sail as kite is to fly, just as airplane is to wing and oil tanker is to engine.

What can you sail on?

There are sail planes, sail boats, sail cars, and with a spaceship you could sail to the stars.

What are the myths in sailing?

Have a Finn on board. That's a really old Viking superstition, when Finns were thought to be born magicians and call up the winds. Pouring wine on the ship (a libation to the gods) will bring good luck to a journey. This is the origin for breaking a bottle of champagne against the ship at a christe ( Full Answer )

How does the sail function?

The sail functions as a vertical wing, channeling airflow further along one surface than the other. As the airflow re-combines, it causes what is commonly called "lift". This pulls a vessel up & forward at the same time, due to the shape of the sail.

What do you need for sailing?

A boat and enough sailing knowledge. Wind and water help, as well. Should you embark within the territorial waters of the US, I highly recommend one PFD (personal floatation device) for each person aboard. That is a USCG REQUIREMENT. Please see the related link(s) below for more information:

Who sailed in the ndeavour?

The Endeavor was sailed by Ernest Shackleton and his crew to Antarctica. It ended up being trapped in sea ice, and was eventually damaged beyond repair. Then Shackleton's crew had to go on a very difficult trip to escape Antarctica using the ship's lifeboats, but they all survived the trip.

What was generally on the sail?

A religious imprint, a national symbol, the type & sequential number of construction. And the wind!

Does an ark have a sail?

No but i don't think there were any other arks besides Noah's ark so I'm not exactly sure

Is sailed an adverb?

No. Sailed is the past tense of "to sail" and might rarely be an adjective. There is no adverb form.

What are sails for on a boat?

I used to sail. The sails propel the boat using wind. Some people like to sail better than using a motor it just makes you feel... I gues you could say clean, swift, or graceful

How do you sailed in German?

I am guessing you want to know how to say sailed in German. To say that you would say "Segelte"

What is sail trim?

Sail trim is the adjustment of the sails in relationship to the wind direction. If the sails are too far out and are luffing, one would say, "Trim in the saisl". If the sails are pulled in too tight, one would say, "Ease the sheets". The rule in trimming any sail is to easy it out till it starts to ( Full Answer )

What is a bentinck sail?

A bentinck sail is a triangular shaped main course with a single clew at the foot of the sail. The sheet is made down to the centreline of the vessel. Occasionally the sail would have a short foot spread with a short boom called a Bentinck boom but still with a single sheet. The the sail gave adva ( Full Answer )

What did Hercules sail on?

A ship! Hercules was on the Argo for a little while but he got distracted and left behind.

What are the fectures of sailing?

I'm sorry, I couldn't find 'fecture' or 'fectures' in the online dictionary. Please be more specific.

What is the noun of sail?

The word sail is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a piece of material extended on a mast to catch the wind and propel a boat or ship; a word for a thing. The noun forms for the verb to sail are sailor and the gerund, sailing.

Where did the Phoenicians sail to?

We are often toldthat the Phoenicians invented the alphabet. Regardless of who putpen to papyrus to create it, the Phoenician contribution wasnone-the-less major and critical. They were the major sea-tradersof the Mediterranean, and they went everywhere. When thePhoenicians began using the alphabet ( Full Answer )

Did the britannic sail?

The Britannic was completed in December 1915 and it was decided that the ship be used as a hospital. The ship started sailing from 23rd December 1915, and served as a hospital ship until it sank on 21 November 1916. The cause of sinking is thought to be an underwater mine.

Is sail a noun?

Yes, the word sail is both a noun (sail, sails)and a verb (sail, sails, sailing, sailed). Examples: We bought a new yellow sail for the boat. (noun) We will sail to Miami on our next trip. (verb)

Viking sails were?

The sails were all made from wool, flax, or hemp. The making ofthe sails took a lot of time. It took 7850 hours to produce justone sail. Additional time was needed to stitch the piecestogether. . strong and colorful A+ students