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They work in shops near home

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Q: Where did colonial dressmakers work?
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Related questions

What do colonial dressmakers do?

Colonial dressmakers made clothes from woven materials.[=

What tools did colonial dressmakers use?

Colonial dressmakers used pins, needles, shears, and thimbles. Dressmakers and tailors were popular businesses that could be found in colonial times.

What pay did dressmakers make in colonial times?

What pay did dressmakers make in colonialtimes

What are facts about colonial dressmakers?

made clothes from woven material

What clothes did colonial dressmakers make?

a colonial dressmaker makes clothes such as dresses and skirts.

Did colonial dressmakers sew by hand?

because they din't have sewing machines back then. Most dressmakers learned to sew or weave from their mother or grandmother.

What prices did colonial dressmaker's charge?

dressmakers made clothing for people

What was the dressmakers job in colonial times?

As the title suggests, they made dresses.

What are some interesting facts about colonial dressmakers?

it dapended on if you where rich or poor on what they made for you

What do dressmakers do in colonial times?

Dress makers made clothing and fabrics for people or families.

Where would one find local dressmakers?

Seamstresses and dressmakers may meet up for events and shows, or work from home or an office. Fabric and tailor shops will also employ dressmakers. Attending local events and asking around fabric stores is a good step in getting in touch with them and seeing what each individual specializes in doing.

How do dressmakers make cloth?

Dressmakers no longer make cloth. They go to a fabric store and buy it.

What is the palindrome for what dressmakers do?

We sew.

What is a palindrome for what dressmakers do?

We sew.

What time did colonial potters work?

in colonial times

Did Colonial Tanners work in the Colonial House?


Where there any white dressmakers in the civil war?

First off the question should be: "Were there any white dressmakers in the civil war?" and second why would you ask such a dumb question?

Will dressmakers chalk wash of fabric?


What are creators of womens frocks called?


What is a dressmakers pattern?

A dressmakers pattern is something intended as a guide for making something else, The pattern is usually a paper shape that is pinned to cloth, so that the cloth can be cut to the shape of the pattern.

What do you dressmakers do?

dressmakers make dresses and clothes of course they use sources like linen, cotton, wool, silk and sometimes indigo. Well in the 1700s exact .

What are some fact on colonial tanners?

colonial tanners work really hard.

Did babies work in Colonial America?

The term of "babies" connotes children under two years of age. In colonial America, babies did not work.

What is the plural for dressmaker?

Dressmakers is the plural of dressmaker

How did colonial government work?