Where did colonial gunsmiths come from?

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They came from a colony.
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Why did the British come to the American colonies?

Firstly, they were not "American Colonies" at the time. They were bush and wilderness. Nobody laid claim to the land. The first settlers were religious fundamentalists, who left Great Britain to be able to practice their own oddball form of religion, called Puritanism. They could be compared to the ( Full Answer )

Why did people come to the american colonies?

New England colonies being founded by the English from East Anglia, an area in eastern England. Though this was an area thriving with small towns that they had generally liked, they decided to flee England due to religious persecution. Hundreds of men, women and their siblings, came in search of a N ( Full Answer )

Why did the Dutch come to colonial Delaware?

The reason the settlers of Delaware went there was to expand and control trade and to expand there native country's land.. The reason Delaware was settled was to expand and conrol trade and to expand the native land of their country.

Why did colonial Pennsylvanians come to America?

Answer . Many, the Quakers in particular, were in search of Religious Freedom. Officially sanctioned 'State' religions made anyone not practicing them subject to persecution of various forms and degrees.. And before the American Revolution, there were about 50,000 convicts transported from Brit ( Full Answer )

Why did the spanish colonies come to America?

Answer they came to America because they need more spices to make some good food to eat . they were looking for gold and silver and stuff like that so they would be RICH!

Why did people come to colonial America?

People of colonial America came from many places and for many different reasons. People would sail across the ocean on big ships. Some were brought because they wanted to be there, but others, like slaves came to America against their will. People came to America because it was a place of great o ( Full Answer )

How To Become A GunSmith?

You can take several classes to become a Gunsmith, there are online courses where you send in money and complete the program and they send you your certificate in the mail. You could also find these classes at a local gun shop, where you have more of a hands on learning experience.

What does a gunsmith wear?

A gunsmith will usually just wear normal clothes. However, theywill also avoid wearing loose clothing. They must wear safetyequipment.

What colony did John Adams come from?

John Adams who was the second US president, was born in Braintree,Massachusetts on October 30, 1735. Braintree was a part of theMassachusetts Colony at the time.

What does a gunsmith do?

A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. This occupation is different from an armored. The armorer primarily maintains (disassembly, cleaning)weapons and limited repairs involving parts replacement and possibly work involving accurization. A gunsmith does factory le ( Full Answer )

Reasons for coming to colonial delaware?

The reasons for coming to colonial Delaware include the successfulfarming due to the rich soil. Delaware also had religious freedomand a temperature that was good for farming.

Why did the English come to the 13 colonies?

back in the 1570's the English culture was noun as the white English culture and they would treat them like they were really bad people. so they came to the 13 colonies to get respect. They knew that is conneticut they would respect them mostly.

How do colonial gunsmiths make a gun?

Gunsmithing reqiured the skills of a blacksmith, whitesmith,founder, and woodworker to do fine work on iron and steel, to carvedesigns, to hammer silver into complex shapes, and to engrave hardand soft metals. These skills were usually learned in anapprenticeship lasting five to seven years. A male ( Full Answer )

Where do gunsmiths work at?

Different places. Some smiths have independent shops, some work at a shop located at a gun dealer or a shooting range. Some smiths work for large sporting goods stores, such as Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, etc, and some work for gun makers, performing repair work. Smiths may also be known as Arm ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists come to the southern colonies?

The southern colonies were populated because people in England heard of the riches in America. They soon learned how well cash crops grew such as indigo, tabacco, and cotton. Men who were in debt had the option under James Oglethorpe to travel to Georgia to work as indentured servants. Not many went ( Full Answer )

What did gunsmiths do?

they make guns? Gunsmiths did indeed make guns. Today some gunsmiths do still make guns, but most repair and adjust guns. They may repair or replace parts, chamber a firearm for a different caliber, mount scopes, clean guns, and bed rifles to a stock.

When did colonialism come to an end?

There are still colonies. Look it up in a map or something.. That is a "gray area" question. As stated above, some colonial nations still exist, but most gained their independence following World War 2.

Why did people come to the Virginia colonies?

Some came to find gold, but they soon learned Virginia was not agood place to find gold. Later colonists came to Virginia to farm.In England, and Europe, only the first born son could inherit land.In the colonies, anyone that worked hard, could buy land.

Can a felon be a gunsmith?

Generally speaking, no. A felon cannot legally own or have access to guns, so a felon would not be able to work as a gunsmith legally. If the person has had his rights restored, then yes, he could work as a gunsmith.

What tools does a colonial gunsmith use?

A colonial gunsmith repaired guns, so they would have used toolssimilar to what blacksmiths used-things like bellows, hammers,tongs, metal files, and drills. Gunsmiths also used three toolsspecific to their craft: a boring bench used to form gun barrels, arifling bench to hold the barrel, and a pan ( Full Answer )

What are some things that a colonial gunsmith would use?

Gunsmith in 1800's were actually called Black Smiths. Most blacksmith's shops were small and they were quite poorly,with little new iron . to make any product at all. The main tools were a forge andbellows, an . anvil, hammers, water buckets,and a small selection of filesand tongs. . the rea ( Full Answer )

What do gunsmiths wear?

casual clothes are fine, safety gear included (gloves, safety glasses, etc.) and no loose clothing.

What jobs did a colonial gunsmith have?

Gunsmith in 1800's were actually called Black Smiths. Most blacksmith's shops were small and they were quite poorly,with little new iron . to make any product at all. The main tools were a forge andbellows, an . anvil, hammers, water buckets,and a small selection of filesand tongs. . the rea ( Full Answer )

Why did the people come t the colonies?

they came over here because the king told them "if you go over there, you will have the same rights as the Englishmen." so they came over here because they wanted independence.

Why did the Irish come to the colonies?

Ireland did not 'come' to the colonies. The first British to invade Ireland was in the 12th Century and successive brutal plantations in the 17th and 18th century brought Ireland into the United Kingdom in the 1801 act of union.

When did the English colonies come to Australia?

Colonies don't 'come to Australia', colonists do. The British Crown Colony of New South Wales was formed on 26 January 1788, when Captain Arthur Phillip led the First Fleet to Port Jackson.

Who does a gunsmith depend on?

Gunsmiths depend on UPS to deliver them parts and supplies they need to do the work. Gunsmiths depend on a steady supply of customers who not only need work done on their guns but ALSO have the ability to pay the bill when the repair is finished, and not leave the gun at the shop for a year saying " ( Full Answer )

How can you become a gunsmith?

The most basic answer is, open a gun store and advertise. However, it is more common for a person to go to a gunsmithing school, get a certificate, then go to work for a gun store to get experience, then eventually start their own business.

Did colonial come before enlightenment?

I think you are talking about the Colonial Age and the Age of Enlightenment. If so, the Colonial Age came before the Age of Enlightenment.

Why did Mary reibey come to the colony?

Mary Reibey was transported to the colony of New South Wales for horse-stealing. Horses were a very valuable commodity, so the crime was considered serious, even though it is likely that she just borrowed the horse to run away. She was thirteen when she was convicted, and her parents had both died, ( Full Answer )

Which colony did Henry Parkes come from?

Henry Parkes arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, in 1839, and waselected to the NSW parliament in 1854. Thus, he was from the colonyof New South Wales.

Why did James Bloodsworth come to the colony?

James Bloodsworth was transported as part of the First Fleet which arrived in New South Wales in 1788. Despite being a convict, he was responsible for the design of many of Australia's first buildings.