Where did colonial teachers live in the colonial period?

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They had a set rotation of which student's house she got to stay in every week.
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What are colonies?

Definitions of Colonies: 1. A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant territory but remain subject to or closely associated with the parent country. 2. A territory thus settled. 2. A region politically controlled by a distant country; a dependency. 3. a. A group of ( Full Answer )

What is a colony?

In politics and in history, a colony is a territory underthe immediate political control of a state. In science or biology, a colony is a group of organisms that growin one area or specific type of area.

What is colonialism?

Colonialism involves the setting up of colonies and the policy ofextending political and economic control over a foreign territory. Colonialism has to do with the taking over and exploitation ofanother country. An example of this would be Europe establishingcolonies in Asia, Africa as well as Americ ( Full Answer )

How did they communicate during the colonial period?

Answer . They either talked face to face, sent letters or sent messengers. . About the time of the Revolution, the French were experimenting with semaphore stations for carrying news long distances without having to have a messenger.

What was the represenative government in the colonial period?

Answer . If you are referring to the American Colonial Period, then the colonies were "virtually" represented in British fashion by the colonial governors. Each colony had a legislature that could make and pass laws, but all laws had to be approved by the governor of the colony and he had a veto ( Full Answer )

Women in the colonial period?

The first women arrived in James town in 1619. There was a raw society as there were outnumbered by men. Free women were able to enjoy many more business and agricultural opportunities. They lived a rigorous lifestyle with social advantages because there were so few of them. Women were busy in d ( Full Answer )

What was literature during the colonial period?

Literature during the colonial period of the United States is knownas Early American Literature. Much of this literature was religiousor documentary in nature.

Who are the colonials?

The Colonials are a group of people that play old and new music.They play the violin, fiddle, and cello.

When did the colonial period start?

In the New World this occurred slightly after the arrival of the Spaniards. In 1494 the Pope issued a bull that divided the undiscovered lands in the New World between the Spanish and the Portuguese. The colonial Period as permanent settlement of North America started in the early 16th century, b ( Full Answer )

Where did the colonies live?

If you are referring to the Puritan colonies that came to America on the Mayflower from England, then they lived on the East Coast. Virginia was the location of the first successful colony.

How much did Colonial Teachers get paid?

colonial teachers would get paid alout. what i mean alout is about 50 or 60 $. WOW. colonial teachers would get paid alout. what i mean alout is about 50 or 60 $. WOW

What was a colony?

A colony is a peice of land which god intended to give to the humans, but the dinosaurs raided it 250 million years ago and create a flag of the world it looked something like this....

Who is the colonial?

i think you might be thinking of kernel, colonial was a period in American history. Colony means when a country sends people out and claims land as there own but is still ruled by the country that sent them. So let's recap colonial America was a time in America's past were people were sent by Englan ( Full Answer )

What time period is the colonial period?

For Africa and Asia, mainly the 19th century and the first half ofthe 20th century. Before that period, Europeans had many tradingposts there and often wielded a lot of 'informal' influence, butrarely claimed whole countries as the 'posession' of their country. In the Americas colonization started ( Full Answer )

When was the colonial period?

The Colonial Period refers to the time in history when Europeans settled in the U.S. and gained its independence from Europe. The first colonization began in 1492. The thirteen colonies formed the United States in 1776.

They eat fish in colonial period?

yes, old civilization started staying near rivers to get fish as food and from them onwards people started eating fish from generation to generation

Do bees live in a colony?

Bees do live in colonies. Some bees also attack in colonies, so when you see a swarm it is important to be very careful not to disrupt them. The colonies could be anywhere from 1000 to 30,000 bees! http://www.beeremovalspecialist.com/

How long does a yeast colony live for?

It really depends on the strain of yeast and the environment the yeast is in. For purposes of beer brewing, yeast produce alcohol as waste during anaerobic cellular respiration, and they can survive in an environment of up to roughly 10-14% alcohol before dying out. Of course, different strains of y ( Full Answer )

Do spiders live in colonies?

Well spiders come in many different types so some spiders live in colonies and some don't. :)

How were the lives if people affected during colonial period?

Warning: This question is very hard to answer due to its grammar... and the fact that it needs to explain more so as to clarify what you are looking for.... Are you talking about French Indian war or The effects Caused by the Stamp Act.. or Revolutionary or Shay's Rebellion...etc. History is a very ( Full Answer )

What time period was the 13 colonies in?

The colonies began in 1607 with the founding of Virginia. They totalled thirteen when George was created in 1733. They stopped being colonies in 1783.

Who ruled the people living in colonies?

From 1624 to 1729 the majority of the colonies were royal provinces. Governors were in charge of enforcing British law and carrying out other directives. There were upper houses and lower houses in the legislatures in each colony. As well as local control in each colony with county courts, parish of ( Full Answer )

How long did colonial people live?

well i would say 5,000 years but im not sure maybe not maybe i think its 1,00 years but i dnt want you tobe wrong so if i were you i would put 90 becausemaybe its the same years as us but some people live till 100 so put like 90 or 80 or something but anyways good luck!

What are the causes of deforestation in colonial period?

the basic cause for deforestation in colonial period is theneed of agricultural land to produce more raw material andrevenue during colonial period commercial agriculture ,plantation of (tea,coffee & indigo) ,building up of ships and railways are theimportant causes of deforestation during colonial ( Full Answer )

How did they make a living when they were a colony?

"When they were a colony"... that could apply to a lot of different places, time periods, and groups of people. And in any colony (or state, or nation, or province...) different people have different ways to make a living. However, if you are talking about anybody a century or two (or more) in the p ( Full Answer )

Do earthworms live in colonies?

actually, Earth worms live in apartments, they feed on chips and sometimes blood oranges. They are also well known for being incredible at connect 4.

What is meant by pre-colonial period?

The pre-colonial period is basically the time before Spain, France, Britain, Italy, and Germany began to travel to other countries. The colonial period was from around the 1450's to the mid 19th century, it was enabled mainly by the use of ships, which allowed the European countries to establish inf ( Full Answer )

Do velvet ants live in colonies?

Velvet ants are not ants, but wasps in the family Mutillidae. Only the females look much like ants; the males have wings like any other wasp. The only antlike thing about them, apart from the fact that they are both in the order Hymenoptera, is that the wingless females look like ants (large, and of ( Full Answer )

How did the southern colonies make living?

growing plantations-massive amounts of acres of land- with cotton, tobacco, 7 in some areas, indigo. using slaves they did not have to pay the vast amount of workers. they supplied them with a small, 1 rm cabin 7 the basics to cook or bake whatever they could. The crops would be taken to various por ( Full Answer )

How did the middle colony made a living?

Middle Colonies were known as the "Bread Basket" of the colonies. They were mostly farmers who grew crops like wheat and other food stuffs

What did the middle colonies do to earn a living?

The middle colonies did many things to earn money for their families. They farmed the land each year and sold any extra foods that they had. They also worked as blacksmiths, tailors, silversmiths, glass blowers, and brick makers.

What is a colonial period?

A colonial period is a period of time in a nation's history when itwas under the control of a colonial power. One example is when theU.S. Colonies were under control of the British government beforethe Revolutionary War.