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The devil was a jinn not an angel. He was pure before God made humans, so there were no humans when he was in heaven.

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Q: Where did dead people go when the devil was an angel?
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What do people do when they are Catholics?

they go to church and that is like a group that tells you about god and pray that is like saying sorry to god if they have done something wrong or some people ask god to see if their dead family or friends are okay the dead are believed to go to heaven that's where god lives but nasty and bad people go to hell where the devil lives god lets you live in heaven peacefully but in hell the devil works you day and night

Why do dead people go to school?

Dead people don't go tom school.

What is the riddle where one has to find which door is Heaven and which is Hell with Angel telling truth and Skeleton lying?

Both the angel and devil are disguised and look the exact same. Naturally, the angel will always tell the truth and the devil lies. you may ask one single question before choosing a door. what question do you ask to make sure you go to heaven?

Can an angel go into a dead person's body?

Angels aren't real and even if they were i don't think they would go into a dead body as it would be rather pointless and probably quite uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Can people actually go to the devil?

I think this is a matter of belief and what you define as the devil. Some humans seem to be devils themselves...

Who Should go to hell?

nobody except for devil and the bad people

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The people always go to Heaven or Hell.

If you go to church does that mean you dont believe in the devil?

Only Christians and Muslims believe in the devil, although perhaps not all do. Assuming that people go to church because they believe in God, rather than for cultural reasons, most of them probably believe in the devil.

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Go take your god loving self and preach to your own chior!