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Football or Soccerball

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Q: Where did flags originate from?
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Where did bunting originate from?

Apparently it was just like a normal flag or piece of ribbon then the flags were made into squares?

Where did the rings for the Olympics originate?

The colors where chosen because they are the FIVE most common colors on the originally participating countries flags.

How do you earn flags on Six Flags?

you don t earn flags. the term six flags means more flags, more fun. hence the name SIX FLAGS

What is the slogan of six flags?

The slogan for Six Flags is "Six Flags, More Flags, More Fun!".

How many flags are they in the world?

well there are 300 flags in each country but counting the states flags it will be arond 3000 flags

What is Six Flags' slogan?

The most recent six flags slogan is currently, "six flags, more flags, more fun!"

Where can one buy flags online?

One may buy flags online at Ultimate Flags. They have flags for every country and if an extensive variety of shapes. They range from small hand help flags to large flags meant for a pole.

What types of flags can be flown at veterans memorials?

American flags, pow mia flags . . .

Where did bunting flags originate ones that are used at village fetes etc need a place and ideally date of origin plus initial use - have they always been decorative?

Bunting was used as a flag

If you move your secret base after capturing 50 flags can you remove all the rocks or do you have to get another 50 flags?

How to communaite with flags?Why do we have flags?What do we use them for?

How many flags were on the mayflower?

3 flags

How many flags in Asia?

there are 8 flags

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