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the Flute was heard to have originated in a cave near Ulm in Germany. but many scientists thought that the first flute was a bear bone. the first flute was found in a cave and was made out of a vultures wing bone


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The flute originated somewhere in northern france.Flutes started in South America.

People have excavated flutes that date back to 37000 BC, but the modern flute was made in 1847.

There are many different kinds of flutes. There are normal C flutes, bass flutes, alto flutes, and piccolos for example.

flutes are 67.5 cm long

there are 7 types of flutes

aulophobiaThe fear of the flutes is known as aulophobia. It can be defined as an abnormal and persistent worry of the flutes.

Jean Baptiste flutes are reliable, reasonably priced starter flutes.

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

Yes, there are flutes in a marching band.

Miyazawa Flutes was created in 1969.

No, they are types of tin whistles and recorders. :)

The earlier flutes were made of wood.

Pearl Flutes was created in 1968-04.

There are many differences between flutes and clarinets. Flutes are held horizontally, and clarinets are held vertically. Flutes do not require reeds to be played, and clarinets do. Flutes generally play higher notes than clarinets.

There are a few websites which sell Xiao flutes. For instance, Xiao flutes may be purchased from the DH Gate, Old Flutes, and Shopping China Now websites. Sometimes these flutes are also listed on eBay.

Medieval flutes were usually made entirely of wood. There were transverse flutes and beaked flutes. We do not see all that many wooden transverse flutes today, though they are made and sold for various kinds of music. Beaked flutes include recorders, which were used in the Late Middle Ages or earlier in a form very like what is widely available in music shops today.

People all over the world play flutes.

Most flutes that are played in America are called Transversial flutes.

Yes, this phobia of flutes does exist.It is officially called Aulophobia.

Toasting flutes can be purchased on, or Toasting flutes can also be purchased at party stores such as I-party, and also

A rifle has spiral grooves cut on the inside of the barrel. Those grooves are called rifling. The word rifle comes from the German word that means to groove or cut flutes.

Flutes are not made from wood, they are made from metal, but they are a member of the woodwind family.

Flutes where first invented in the early BC period. There is no specific dates

It depends on which college you go to. In some cases, yes, there are flutes as well as other woodwinds. In other cases flutes and other woodwinds are not present.

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