Where did formal theater begin?


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In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece

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The accepted best guess is that the Greek theatrical tradition began at the Dionysia of 534 BC. ok thanks

As a celebration to honour the gods.

Theater in western culture began in 534 BCE at the Theater of Dionysus in Ancient Athens by playwright/actor Thespis.

when and where did the greek theatre begin?When:- in the year 690 BCEWhere:- in a theater were no women could go the men had to dress up as women to have them in a play

Why did french theatre begin?

Formal theater traditions had been around for approximately two thousand years before then, starting in ancient Greece.

an formal outline must begin with Roman numeral

Asian theatre began in 1700s

'gods' seats at the top of the theatre

You may start an informal sentence with "and," but not a formal one. In formal speech and writing, you don't begin sentences with "and" or "but."

A: The Church came into formal/actual existence at Pentecost.

he first formal publication was in 1921

That's an easy one to answer! But you would not use it in formal writing.

These days theater-goers can wear just about anything. I prefer to go dressed dress casual. Not formal, but not jeans and a t-shirt either. Like you are going on a date.

There was NO theatre back in primitive times, but there was the Globe Theatre which was the first theatre.

The dress code for the dress circle section at the theater is formal. Fancy dresses for the women and suits or tuxes for the men.

In 1776, founding father, Thomas Jefferson sat down to begin writing a formal declaration of our burgeoning country's break from the British Empire, and to establish the ideals the U.S would be built upon.-This is a sentence in the Declaration of Independence.

Amateur Night at the Apollo theater began in 1934 and featured singers such as Ella Fitzgerald.

game room sitting rooms formal dinning room dinning room kitchen foyer formal living room mens and womans coat clostets many bedrooms bathrooms guest bedrooms and bathrooms theater

musical theater began in 1866 Broadway new York that's all i know sorry hahahahahahahaha

The creator of total theatre was Steven Berkoff and he began in the 1930's, so the 1930's. :)

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