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Q: Where did gunsmithing begin?
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What is gunsmithing and how do I go about doing it?

Gunsmithing is when a person can repair, rebuild and restore a gun. To become a gunsmith, you will need to take classes. Penn Foster offers a course in gunsmithing.

Are there any gunsmithing schools out there?

I found a really good site that holds the information about really good Gunsmithing schools in Michigan.

Are there any gunsmithing schools near Boston?

"Yes, there are some gunsmithing schools near Boston. One of them is the Institute of Tech in boston. This school has many classes such as gunsmithing. This school also has classes on other subjects."

Are there any online gunsmithing schools that I can enroll in?

I have researched this topic for you and found that there are indeed online gunsmithing schools. Some that you may want to consider are Penn Foster Career School and Ashworth College which both offer online gunsmithing courses.

What has the author H E MacFarland written?

H. E. MacFarland has written: 'Gunsmithing Simplified' -- subject(s): Gunsmithing

What has the author Harold E MacFarland written?

Harold E. MacFarland has written: 'Introduction to modern gunsmithing' -- subject(s): Gunsmithing

What is gunsmithing about?

Making and repairing firearms.

Where is a gunsmithing course offered?

It is not mentioned in the question as to which area is local to you. But in U.S. the Trinidad State in Colorado offers good gunsmithing courses. National Rifle Association also offers good short term gunsmithing courses. Also you can take online courses from

What technology formed the basis of gunsmithing?


What has the author Ralph T Walker written?

Ralph T. Walker has written: 'Black powder gunsmithing' -- subject(s): Gunsmithing, Muzzle-loading firearms

Is aluminum good for gunsmithing?

Depends on the type and application.

You want to learn to fix firearms?

Take a gunsmithing course.

How do you become a gun smith?

Colorado School of Gunsmithing is one way.

What does gun fondling in means of gunsmithing?

Unnecessary pointless handling of, and cycling the action of, a firearm.

How do you take plug out of ted Williams shotgun?

You can't, not without machining expertise, or gunsmithing

How do you start a gunsmithing business?

Start with a LOT of money to buy liability insurance. Take a trade school course in gunsmithing, buy a bunch of expensive tools, rent a business location, get an FFL license, a business license, and tax ID number.

Kingdom in the rain forests of the Guinea coast?

The kingdom in the rain forests of the Guinea coast is known as Gabu. It was an independent nation until the mid-1830s.

is gunsmithing illegal in most countries?

While not illegal in most countries, gunsmithing is heavily restricted. For the most part, firearm related repairs are only performed by people trained and employed buy the police and the military.

Is there an online directory of gunsmithing schools?

I have researched online gunsmithing schools and found that there are indeed a wide range of directories that list the different schools available. A few that you may want to try are trade-schools dot net as well as smartschoolfinder dot com.

Where can one purchase gunsmithing tools?

Brownells advertises itself as the world's largest supplier of gun parts, gunsmithing tools, and shooting accessories. In addition, many purchasers of tools like to find new supplies in bulk from less traditional sources, such as eBay or trade shows.

What is MidwayUSA's motto?

MidwayUSA's motto is 'Just About EverythingTM for Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing & Optics'.

Does ruger have a custom rifle shop?

From the Ruger website- FAQs- Does Ruger offer custom gunsmithing services? No. Although Ruger offers factory service on firearms that we manufacture, we do not offer any custom gunsmithing services. We do offer custom engraving through the Ruger Studio

Can you change the caliber of your rifle?

Some guns yes, but most guns would require gunsmithing to change caliber.

Browning Arms Company where do you get browning gunsmithing service?

Browning lists authorized repair centers on their web site

What can students learn in gunsmithing schools?

They learn how to fix guns, disassemble and reassemble guns, cleaning, touch ups on the finish, replace parts, as well as customizing! They make sure you learn how to make sure a gun is accurate when shooting as well. Check out this site for more information!