Jacques Cousteau

Where did jacues cousteau get his education?

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Where was Jacques Cousteau from?

Jacques Cousteau is from France .

What is the sexual orientation of Phillippe Cousteau?

Phillippe Cousteau Sr was straight. So is Phillippe Cousteau Jr.

What disease did Jacques Cousteau have?

what illness did cousteau when he was a kid

Where did Jacques Cousteau live?

Jacques Cousteau lived some where

When was Fabien Cousteau born?

Fabien Cousteau was born in 1967.

When did Philippe Cousteau die?

Philippe Cousteau died in 1979.

What did Daniel cousteau for a living?

He was a lawyer, (father of Jacques-Yves Cousteau)

When did Cousteau invent the aqualung?

cousteau invented the aqua lung in 1943

When was Desireé Cousteau born?

Desireé Cousteau was born in 1956.

Is Jock the name same as Jacques?

yes jacues is penounced as jock

What did Jacques-Yves Cousteau invent?

Jacques cousteau invented the aqualung

The autobiography of Jacques Cousteau?

try the book. " The Silent World" by Jacques Cousteau.

Who were jacques-yves cousteau parentise?

His parents were Daniel and Elizabeth Cousteau

Who was Jaque Cousteau?

jaques cousteau was a diver explorer photographer inventor and more

Did Jacques Cousteau work in Greece?

Yes, Jacques Cousteau did work in greece.

Where did jacqyes cousteau live?

The famous oceanologist Jacques Cousteau lived in France.

What has the author JY Cousteau written?

J.Y Cousteau has written: 'The silent World'

Who was Daniel Cousteau?

Daniel Cousteau and his wife, Élisabeth Yves, were parents of famouse marine biologist and inventor of "Aqualung" Scuba equipment, Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

What was Jacques-Yves Cousteau interested in?

Jacques Cousteau was interested in filmmaking and oceanography.

When was Jean-Michel Cousteau born?

Jean-Michel Cousteau was born in 1938.

When did Pierre-Antoine Cousteau die?

Pierre-Antoine Cousteau died in 1957.

When was Pierre-Antoine Cousteau born?

Pierre-Antoine Cousteau was born in 1906.

When was Desiree Cousteau born?

Desiree Cousteau was born in 1956, in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Jacques Cousteau's family?

Jacques Cousteau was a famous deep sea explorer. He was married twice, first to Simone Cousteau, and then to Francine Cousteau until his death. He had four children, Jean Michel, Phillipe, Diane, and Pierre Yves Cousteau.

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