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he went to your face.

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Where did lebron go to elementary school?

Akron Elementary School

Were did lebron James go to elementary school?

MacDowell mon. School Milwaukee,Wisconsin

What university did Lebron James go to?

None- LeBron James came straight out of high school.

What elementary did Lebron go to?

Notre Dame Catholic English Elementary School in Windsor, Ontario Canada. The school is known for the wildcats.

Where did lebron James go to high school at?


What school did lebron James go to for high school?

catholic central

What middle school did lebron James go to?

john hues middle school

What year did lebron James go to middle school?

can not tell

Did LeBron James go to colllege?

No but he went to high school

Where did James Maslow go to elementary school?

He was homeschooled

What elementary school did James Maslow go to?

He was homeschooled

Did lebron lames go to college?

No, Lebron James did not go to collage. He was drafted into the NBA out of high school. Lebron James went to St. Vincent's St. Mary's High in Akron, Ohio

Where did lebron James go to middle school?

Winchester magnet academy

Where did lebron James go to elemantary school?

village in emporia kansas

What elementary school did James Madison go to?

hey i am awesome

Who is better lebron James or kobeybryant?

Go lebron James

What college did LeBron James attend?

Lebron James didn't attend college, he went to the NBA straight out of High School.He did not go to college. He got drafted straight from high-school.

What nicknames does LeBron James go by?

LeBron James goes by King James.

Where does zinkoff go to school?

He went to Starield Elementary the James Monroe Middle School

Lebron james. did he go to st ignatius hi school?


Why did LeBron James skip college?

LeBron James skipped college and was drafted out of high school. He chose to take the money rather than go to college.

Where did James Buchanan go to for Elementary school?

James Buchanan attended Old Stone Academy

Where did James watt go to school what school did James watt go to?

Glasgow college i am not sure of the elementary of middle school but he does have a memorial college in greenock, the town of his birth

Did LeBron James go to school?

Not college, he didn't complete his senior year of HS

What number did LeBron James wear in college?

Lebron James did not go to college!