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If they could, they would go to air raid shelters. If they were at home when the air raid sirens sounded, they may have had a concrete shelter in their back garden, or they may have had an Anderson shelter which was made of corrugated iron and partly buried in their back garden. If they had no outside space, they might have had a Morrison shelter (a self assembled steel cage) somewhere in their home. If people weren't at home, there were various public shelters available, sometimes in underground stations or in the crypt of a church. At one period during the war, people slept in underground (tube) stations every night.

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Q: Where did people go during air raids in Great Britain during WW2?
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What did the people of Britain have to endure during the war?

people had to endure a serious of air raids and many more things ;)

How did they alert people during World War 2?

In Britain they had many sirens to alert people to air raids.

What was happening in Britain during World War 2?

Air raids in Britain by nazi Luftwaffe

What battle was defined by daily bombing and air raids?

The Battle of Britain during WWII

How did air raids affect the lives of british people in world war 1?

Air raids on Britain by Germany mainly used Zeppelin airships, although in 1917, aeroplanes were used. Tthe raids generated fear amongst the civilian population and consumed more resources than the actual raids - more than 10,000 men were diverted to air defenses. Altogether 557 people were killed in air raids in Britain in approximately 100 raids.

How many people were killed in Britain from air raids in WW2?

British civilian deaths during the second world war are estimated at between 60 000 and 70 000.

Where in Britain did the vikings attack?

Viking raids

Where did people go during air raids and why?

during air raids people went into an air raid shelter , because it would be made out of thick concrete that would shelter and protect you from any ,type of bomb.

When did the air raids take place?

Most of the air raids took place during WWII and were accomplished at night. This was the best time for raids because people were generally inside the buildings.

Where did people go during air raids?

They went to an air raid shelter

Where did people go during the air-raids and why?

During air-raids, people went to things called Air-Raid Shetlers, which would be thick walls of concrete. It would be safe during the wars because the bombs wouldn't be able to hit them.

What name was given to the concentrated air raids on Britain?

The "Blitz" .

What did the French people do during air raid attacks during World War 1?

The French were not bothered by air raids.

When did the zeppelins raids take place?

Zeppelin raids took place during WW1.

How did Hitler try to defeat the british?

Bombing Raids (The Battle of Britain)

How did the fenian raids affect Canadian confederation?

It affected confederation cuz the raids raised the Britain colonies defenses against the war with BNA so BNA had to get the same defenses by using raids

Where did the most Viking raids happen?

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The Palmer Raids of 1919 were conducted against?

The Palmer Raids of 1919 targeted radical left-wing people, especially proponents of anarchy. Immigrants, particularly those from Germany and Ireland, were also singled out during these raids, often because of their radical beliefs.

How many innocent civialians died in bombing raids in Britain and Germany in World War 2?

100000000000 million trilian kazilian people died in the bombing of world war two from britain and germany

Who invented air raids themselves?

The Luftwaffe invented air raids during the Spanish Civil War.

What was life like in Britain during World War 1?

Life was very hard for those living in Britain during World War I. These individuals were always faced with the threat of night raids, lack of food, illnesses, and other such problems that struck the severely war torn areas.

Who used the air raids in world war 2?

The countries which had bombers used them for air raids on the enemy; Great Britain, the USSR, the US, Japan, Italy, Germany. France and the Netherlands were also major powers when the war began, but their air forces were destroyed early and not rebuilt.

Most German air attacks or air raids occurred during what time of day?

what is a series of air raids?

What name was given to the raids during the 1920s in which police arrested thousands of suspected radicals?

the red scare raids

What name was given to the raids during the 1920's in which police thousands of suspected radicals?

Palmer Raids