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In Israel, they were 'quarantined' or kept outside of the main community. Leviticus 13 & 14 address skin communicable diseases and the priests instructions on how to cleanse the infected ones. See link below for further discussion.

From the Middle Ages onwards in Europe and later in America, people with Hansen's Disease (leprosy) were often sent to quarantine camps, sometimes called leper colonies.

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in medieval towns in europe when someone would get leprosy they would be sent to an isalnd where people with leprosy live.

People mostly get Leprosy in the summer.

people who have leprosy are called lepers

Their limbs will be numb, and their skin will develope skin lesions and if leftuntreated leprosy can develope into secondary infections. But leprosy is not very contagious and about 95% of people are naturally immune to leprosy.

Some people are genetically resistant to leprosy, probably and no matter what, they do not get leprosy. Other with tuberculous type of leprosy have high resistance to leprosy. Those with lepromatous type of leprosy have least resistance to leprosy germs. The intermediate leprosy type have intermediate resistance to leprosy germs. Body reacts to leprosy by trying to kill the leprosy causing germs. There is an inflammatory response.

leprosy is a very serious disease that causes people to lose body parts

People who are in immediate contact with the leprosy patient should be tested for leprosy.

Leprosy itself is rarely fatal. People with leprosy die of other diseases because their body is compromised by the disease of leprosy.Given that, according to the 2004 World Health Record(from the World Health Organization) the Leprosy death statistics for the year 2002 by worldwide region:About 1,000 deaths from leprosy in The AmericasAbout 3,000 deaths from leprosy in South East AsiaAbout 1,000 deaths from leprosy in Eastern MediterraneanAbout 1,000 deaths from leprosy in Western Pacific

Before a treatments were made, people who had leprosy were isolated to be with others with the same condition. Nowadays, leprosy, although rare, can be treated with antibiotics.

Leprosy is a skin disease that if left untreated, there can be progressive and permanent damage to the skin, nerves

Thousands of people die from leprosy we dont exactly know how many, but now there is a cure for leprosy, so we dont have as much trouble with it as we did before. There have been alot and 1000 have died in 2002

leprosy is being treated well and their medicine costs £21 each. A helping organisation is Lepra. People with leprosy take this medicine daily for as long as they need,

Lepers. Lepers were outcasts because of the disease leprosy from which they suffered. People believed leprosy to be highly contagious and so avoided people who had it for fear of catching it.

I do not have leprosy.

The curse of leprosy was not sent upon the wife of Moses. The curse was sent upon his sister, Miriam, when she and brother Aaron spoke against Moses and his wife.

Probably leprosy. I mean, I think Lupus is a kind of cancer. Leprosy on the other hand, I've seen pics of people with this disease and it's just absolutely horrific.

Its victims were often shunned by the community, kept at arm's length, or sent to a leper colony.

The scientific name for leprosy is Mycobacterium leprae. It is also called Hansen's Disease. People who have Leprosy do not develop symptoms for at least a year after being infected with the bacteria. There are two types of leprosy, tuberculoid leprosy and lepromatous leprosy. It is contagious. Some symptoms for leprosy are skin, skin lumps and bumps, damage to the nerves under the skin, and muscle weakness. It is treated with antibiotics. You may need to take antibiotics for six months or longer. If it is left untreated then leprosy can cause blindness and kidney failure. By: janki patel

Some physicians have advocated dapsone treatment for people in close household contact with leprosy patients.

Yes there is hope for people to be treated with leprosy today, gone are the old days when lepers were treated like outcasts. It is with medicine, a powerful antibiotic ., in repeated doses for some time.

Yes, Leprosy and Hansen's disease are the same. However, the leprosy of the Bible evidently is NOT the same as present-day leprosy.

There are many myths. 1) Leprosy is incurable It can be cured through a multi drug therapy. 2) You can get Leprosy from someone by touching their skin. About 90% of people are already immune to leprosy. If you aren't, you shouldn't be in close contact with someone who has untreated leprosy. Even so, you won't definitely get it just by touching the skin. If the person with leprosy is treated, chances are th disease will not be contagious. It is still recommended that you take some precautions if you will be in close contact with a leper.

leprosy is a pandemic disease