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Where did the Cahuilla Indians live?


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In the desert Mojave Desert

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they lived in desertsin india

The Cahuilla Indians lived in houses made of grass and bushes. The homes were a round, wooden frame covered with brush. They usually had grass and brush roofs as well.

Cahuilla Indians lived in brush houses called kish. They are round and have a wooden frame covered by brush.

they lived in a house made out of reeds called a kish

They live in narrow,dome shaped houses that had straight sides cover with brushes.

The Mohave are the traditional enemies of the Cahuilla Indians. These are among the native Americans who lived in around the 1850s.

The cahuilla Indians used old dinosaur bones and hard boogers for clubs

The Cahuilla Indians spoke Ivilyuat, which has never had a writing system. Even today, there is no standard way to write it.

The lived in a reed house which is called a kish which is a traditional tribe house.

The cahuilla and the chumash

The name "Cahuilla" comes from the word for "master" in the Ivia language, also known as Cahuilla. Their name for themselves in Iviatim.

Antalope and small animals.

they traded for stuff they didnt have

Today, Cahuilla families live in modern houses and apartment buildings.In the past, most Cahuilla people lived in brush houses called kish. Kish are small round or cone-shaped houses made of a wooden frame covered with reeds and brush. These are very simple houses and Cahuilla people really only used them to sleep in. When they were resting, socializing, or working on crafts, Cahuilla people sat outside-- it was rarely cold or rainy in the climate where they lived.

That is not a complete sentence!

They didn't wear much clothes at all.

The Cahuilla tribe inhabited parts of the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

They traded items and did not really have money

Yes they use turtle shells, flutes, and whistles.

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