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Where did the Malayan Emergency take place?

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The Malayan Emergency was a terrorist uprising in the British Colony of Malaya, now known as the countries of Malaysia and Singapore.

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When did the Malayan Emergency happen?

it happened from 1948 to 1960.

How many people died in the Malayan emergency?

Approximately 12,000 people died during what is known as the Malayan Emergency, which lasted for just over 12 years. It began in 1948 and ended in 1960.

What countries were involved in the malayan emergency?

The major countries involved in the Malayan Emergency were the UK, Australia, and Malaya. Countries that contributed but played a very small role were Fiji, New Zealand, and Rhodesia.

Who won the Military medal in the Malayan Emergency?

Cpl Sid Miles

Why did the Malayan Emergency begin?

because the maylans were asked to have the responsibility of looking after the other malayans and they didnt do a very good job so they sent people over from America to look after the malayans.and that's how it became the malayan emergency it is actuallay called the malayan emerygency confrontation with Indonesian. xx

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