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the Mayans settled in peten

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Q: Where did the Mayans settle?
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What country did the Mayans settle in?

The country the mayans had settled in was mexico.

Where did the Mayans settle and why did they settle there?

the Mayans settled in Mexico's? because the Spanish peoples came to capture their land in Guatemala.

What peninsula did the Mayans settle on?

The Yucatan

Where did Mayans settle in?

mayans settled in the southeast territory of Mexico and central America.

Who settled the Mayans?

no one was able to completely settle mayans they all died from diseases

Why did the Mayans settle in the Yucatan peninsula?

The Maya made their living from farming.

Why did the mayans settle in Mexico?

in the lower regions of Mexico. But also some where nomads and moved from place to place in Mexico and were very unsettled

What did Mayans do with money?

The Mayans did not have money.

What do the Mayans wear?

the mayans wear clothing

What did the Mayans live in?

the mayans live in mexico.

What weather did the Mayans have?

The Mayans had hot weather.

Did Mayans have terraces?

why did the mayans build terraces

Who did Mayans trade with?

with other groups in the Mayans

Were did the Mayans go?

The Mayans turned into Mexicans

Where did the mayans settled?

the Mayans settled in peten

Where did the Mayas settle?

The Mayans originated in Guatemala from the 4th to the 10th centuries. Starting in the Late period until the Spanish Conquest, they migrated and settled in the Yucatan region of Mexico.

When did the Mayans all die out?

The Mayans are alive and well.

Are the Mayans preserving the past?

the mayans are not preserving the past

What did the Mayans do for fun?

the mayans played pok-a-tok.

Where did the Mayans come from?

The Mayans came from South America

How did Mayans communicate?

The mayans had a writing called the hieroglyphs.

Who did the Mayans fight?

The Mayans fought neighboring villages.

What foods did the Mayans trade?


Is there any Mayans left?

Not true mayans but decendents from them.

Why did Mayans build observations?

Why did the mayans build observations