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They originally lived near the Arkansas River in what is now the state of Kansas.

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What tribe live in grass houses?


Where in Texas did the Wichita Indian tribe live?

They live on the border of the red river

Where do the Wichita live?

Wichita people are a tribe of native Americans. They are known as plains Indians. They inhabited states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Is the Wichita tribe alive or extinct?

Alive. The Wichita tribe is headquartered in Anadarko,_Oklahoma. The tribe owns a casino, a smoke shop, and Cross Timbers Restaurant, located in Anadarko.

Where do Wichita Live?

The majority of the Wichita people live in Oklahoma. The headquarters of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes is in Anadarko, Oklahoma.

What Indian tribe is native to Kansas?

The Arapaho tribeThe Comanche tribeThe Kansa tribeThe Kiowa tribeThe Missouri tribeThe Osage tribeThe Otoe tribeThe Pawnee tribeAnd the Wichita Indians

What region did the Wichita Indians live in?

The Wichita Indians lived in the Great Plains.

Did Wichita tribe hunt?

Yes the Wichita hunted often in large group for small animals like rabbits and snakes

What did the Wichita tribe eat?

First of all, they were not actually a tribe. And they ate berries, buffalo meat, but not fish.

What does the Wichita tribe celebrate and believe?

Your veryt gay thats what i think

What did the Wichita Indians live in?


Did the Wichita Indians live in wigwams?

no they did not

What does the Wichita tribe wear?

i dont know so go to google and write WHAT DOES THE WICHITA WEAR maybe there is a answer i try my best to answer this question but i dont know SORRY

What did the Wichita Indian tribe eat?

they ate nuts,fish,berries,and raw meat

Was it easy for the Wichita tribe to build their grass house?

yes they had experience building houses

Where did the Wichita Indians live?

no where they lived in caves

Where does the wrestler The Undertaker live in Wichita Kansas?


Where do the Wichita Indians live now?


How did the Wichita tribe get their food?

The way the Wichitas tribe got their food is by hunting animals and skinning them. sometimes they will cook the meat or even eat it raw.

What type of houses did the Wichita Indians live in?


What state did Dennis the menace live in?

Wichita, Kansas .

Does northwest tribe live in teepees?

does the northwest tribe live in teepees

What kind of landform did the Wichita Indians live?

they lived in texas- Wichita Texas! Mostly plains with good land for farming

Where did the tribe live?

the berber tribe live in communities all across of Africe.

Where does the Shawnee tribe live today?

the Shawnee tribe live in Oklahoma and Missouri