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Where did the World War 2 invasion of Germany take place?


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The first one was Poland.

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Hitlers invasion of russia took place on June 22,1941 during the second world war.

The allied invasion of France took place at Normandy. It took place during World War Two and was the largest amphibious attack ever.

The Invasion of Normandy took place in 1944 in Normandy, which is a region in France. This invasion was the largest invasion by water.

From the German invasion of Belgium in 1914 until the Germany surrender in 1918.

World War one took place in France, Belgium, Germany and Russia.

The German invasion of Poland began on September 1, 1939. France and England declared war against Germany two days later, but did not have enough military force to take on Germany. The invasion of Poland eventually led to World War II.

World War 1 mostly took place in along the east and west borderlines of Germany and Belgium in Europe, so no it did not take place in Africa.

it took place on d-day when the USA an GB landed in france to take it back from the Germans

Germany came third and won the bronze medal in 2010, they defeated Uruguay.

1975? There wasn't one. 1974? In West Germany.

if your going to put the ? put the answer

Normandy, France.......................

England and France warned Germany that any invasion of Poland would result in war. When Germany attacked Poland France and England honored their treaty obligations with Poland and attacked Germany.

WW1 took place in many regions of the world. Germany tried to take over France, England tried to take over Germany it was never held in just one place there was wars going on in all different countries during ww1.

The largest invasion of WWII (and in fact the largest invasion in world history) was Operation Barbarossa - the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union. The invasion force consisted of nearly four million troops (approximately three million Germans plus one million from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Slovakia and Croatia).

World War Two. European theater against Germany

Caen was the nearest French city to the invasion, but it took place on the beaches, NOT in Caen

The allies wanted the Germans to believe the invasion was to take place across the shortest channel crossing to Calais, France.

In Normandy, France near the town of St. Laurent.

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