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The astronauts stayed in the command module during launch and reentyry to earth. As it has a tiles that prevent the craft from over heating during reentry.

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Q: Where did the astronauts stay during launch and reentry in Apollo?
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Did it explode during launch or reentry?

Challenger exploded during launch; Columbiaexploded during re-entry.

Did the first astronauts have space suits?

Yes, a pressure suit (otherwise known as a space suit) is a fundamental safety feature used on almost all space flights. The Soviets sent a few people up without one, but the United States requires that all its astronauts wear their pressure suit, including their helmet, during launch and reentry. The only U.S. crew that did not wear their helmets during reentry was the Apollo 7 crew. All 3 of them contracted severe head colds while in space. They felt their eardrums might burst due to sinus pressure if they had their helmets on during reentry. NASA administrators did not agree. None of the Apollo 7 astronauts ever flew again

What was the Apollo spacecraft that exploded on the launch pad?

The Apollo 1 caught fire.Killing all the three astronauts.

Did any one die during the Apollo program?

Several people died, but none during an actual mission. Three astronauts died during a fire in the Apollo 1 capsule during a test launch in 1967.

Do astronauts have to wear ther suits at all time?

No. The spacesuits are only necessary when astronauts have to work outside of their spacecraft. Flight suits are worn during launch and reentry. During normal activity inside a spacecraft, astronauts wear fairly ordinary clothes, as the spacesuits are quite cumbersome.

Did any astronaut die in the Apollo program?

During a pre-launch test of the Apollo 1 mission in early 1967 three astronauts, Virgil Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee, were killed by a flash fire in the command module while on the launch pad. I believe they were the only Apollo program astronauts to die while on a mission.

When did Apollo 1 launch?

No the Apollo 1 spacecraft did not take off, as the three astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward white and roger Chaffee ,were killed n a fire in the spacecraft during training.

Who lauched Apollo 1?

Apollo 1 was never launched, it was destroyed by fire, killing the three astronauts aboard, during a routine ground-based test months before their scheduled launch.

Has NASA had any accidents?

NASA has experienced three disasters resulting in the deaths of seventeen astronauts. * The launch pad fire of Apollo 1 * The Challenger that exploded during launch * The Columbia that tore apart during return to earth

How many Apollo mission were launched?

Well "Apollo 1" burned up on the pad during a practice session with no fuel in the Saturn V rocket, killing the 3 astronauts. The final launch was Apollo 17, so I'd guess 16.

Which Apollo Blew Up?

Apollo 1 caught fire on the launch pad killing astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee.

Did Apollo 1 launch?

No. Three astronauts, Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee, were killed while on the launch pad during a dress rehearsal for the launch. An electrical fault caused a fire in the cockpit of the Command Module which ruptured from the intensity of the heat.

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