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Jupiter (: .rL.

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Q: Where did the buffalo miagrate from?
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What does miagrate mean?

You know what it means.

How can you get pokemon to miagrate from other games to pokemon diamond?

you cant

When does an ocelot miagrate?

The ocelot stays put year round , it does not migrate.

Where do you find a Porygon in diamond?

You can't you need to miagrate it from leaf green ... i thnk

What species of whale miagrate to antarctica?

Killa baby ... -_- yeas I think it's the killer whale

How do you get Pokemon from other games to Pokemon Diamond?

Well when you get the Natianol pokedex you can miagrate Pokemon from other games just put in a GBA game in the memory card slot and turn on your DS at the menu it should say miagrate Pokemon click on it and vulla but make sure the Pokemon you want to migrate is in the PC or it won't come up. BUT MAKE SURE YOU WANT THEM TO BE MIAGRATED BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GET THEM BACK.

What is the longest sentence you can write in which every word is a homonym for what you mean?

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

If your license is revoked in MN will it be in Arizona?

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo BUffalo BUfallo Bufallo

What is a good description of the serengeti?

the serengeti plains is a Savannah in Africa in which millions of wildebeasts miagrate through each year. it is mosly flat with many speicies of trees like the baobob tree.

Do duck miagrate?

Yes, they do, because they are part of the bird family.They can travel at max, 800 miles at a time, in an eight hour flight.Average, they fly 40-60 miles per hour.

Is buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo a grammatically correct sentence?

This is a famousgrammatically correctsentence. In fact, you can keep on going and it will still make sense!The reason is:- buffalo is a noun - bison- buffalo is an adjective - being from Buffalo New York- buffalo is a verb - to confuse or bully someoneThink of it as: (Buffalo buffalo) [buffalo] {buffalo buffalo}(Bison from Buffalo NY) [bully] {other bison from that town}.Try the Related Links below to see it spelled out.

Where is the Buffalo in Buffalo located?

The address of the Buffalo is: Main St., Buffalo, 25033 0366