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The majority of them ate at a table just like you do. Rich people would have a nicer one than poor people, with fancy tablecloths and nice dishes. Poor people would have wooden dishes.

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Did medieval people eat apple pie and custard?

We know that medieval people had apple pie (sorry, President Washington), and we know that medieval people had custard. It is hard to imagine they did not eat them together.

How did the people in the renaissance feel about Medieval time?

The people in the renaisance were tired of the views and the ideas of the medieval time, and thought the medieval people had a pessimistic view on things.

How did people get mail in medieval time?

People didn't get e-mails in the medieval time, people communicate with letters back then.

What did the people of the Middle Ages eat for breakfast?

What did the peasants eat in the medieval times

What did they eat in the medieval time period?

they would eat cheese and bread and ale and broth

What did medieval people eat for lunch?

Bread & cheese with ale.

Were the medieval people different from the people today?

Since the medieval time period, people have been trying to make a change in themselves.

What food would people eat on special occasions in medieval times?

what did people eat on spechal occations in the middle ages

When eating did people of less importance eat below the salt in Medieval Times?

in medieval times people of less importance sat below the salt

Can medieval people die for poop?

yes they eat it because they are idiots

What do medieval people eat for supper?

See the related question for information.

Did medieval people eat yams?

Probably only the rich people ate yams but they probably didn't eat they with cinnamon and marshmallows :)

Why did Medieval people eat fish on fridays?

People still do today To celebrate the fishermans catch

Did the people in medieval europe eat turkey?

Medieval Europeans did not eat turkey. Turkey is native to North America, and was unknown to Europeans of the Middle Ages.

What did people in the towns eat in medieval times?

See the related question for information

What did people in medieval castles eat and drink?

See the related link for information.

What bread did medieval people eat?

They ate barley bread, rye, and wheat.

Did medieval people eat vegetables?

yes one of the main jobs was farming

What did medieval people eat mostly?

Bread, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit.

Did medieval people eat toast?

Yes, medieval people toasted bread over the fire. Sometimes they would even have some cheese or butter to toast with their bread!

Which meats did everyone in Medieval Times eat?

In the medieval times, people used to eat pork a lot. They ate lamb and chicken but pork was very popular. They used to eat t as their meat for a Sunday lunch or dinner.

What time do medieval people wake up?

They dont... They are dead

Did medieval people eat gingerbread?

Yes, some medieval people did eat gingerbread. According to the Wikipedia article on gingerbread, it was introduced to Western Europe by an Armenian monk named Gregory of Nicopolis in the year 992 AD. There is a source link below.

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