Where did the space for the universe come from?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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The short answer is that space itself had to be created at the start of the universe.

Both Genesis and current cosmology are in perfect accord when it comes to semantics of the Biblical passages.

Genesis starts ' In the beginning ..." which, in the Hebrew, is better translated as 'at the beginning of time' It goes on to say that the earth was 'without form and void' and, again, in the Hebrew a better rendition is to say in modern language, the universe was non-existent.

Modern cosmologists agree that at the moment of Creation - or 'the Big Bang', as well as matter being created, time and space were created also. So to say 'what was there before' is as meaningless as saying 'what letter comes before 'A'in the alphabet. There wasn't a 'before' as time was created at the Big Bang. This is confirmed by Einstein's Special and General theories of Relativity which predicted the expansion of the universe from the Big Bang and which produced radiation now detectable in the microwave spectrum. So there wasn't anywhere where the space could come from before the boi bang.

One has to realise though, that this 'Big Bang' did not explode into space that was already there. There WAS no space. There WAS no before. Nowadays we can measure the expansion of the universe still, as a remnant of this Big Bang, but the galaxies that are fllying apart in the universe are not moving through space that is already there; it is the space that is expanding - in other words,, they galaxies are being carried on a tide of expanding space.

So, the space for the universe came from nowhere - for at the big bang there was no space.

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Space is infinite and cost-free. Unlike the creation of the universe 11.3 billion years ago, space is uncontroversial because it is 'nothing' and did not need to be created. In fact, some cosmologists now believe that there are many universes in space, collectively known as the 'multiverse'.

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God created it along with everything else including time and physical laws. See also:

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Q: Where did the space for the universe come from?
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