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The stars don't go anywhere, they are still in the sky. You can't just see them because the Sun shines too brightly, too intensely so that the other stars cannot be seen.

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Q: Where did the stars go in the day?
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Where does the stars go when its day time?

The stars doesn't go any where it just camouflage with the colour of the sky and sun.

Do stars go out during the day but ignite at night?

No. They are still there, but you can't see them because of the sun. ( stars don't have light switches).

Where do the stars go at night?

Stars don't go anywhere at night or during the day. A star always remains where it is, but your ability to see it can be hampered by city lights, smog, and other factors.

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Where do stars go during the day?

They are still there, you just can't see them because the sun is so bright.

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Do stars go up in the morning or at in the night?

Stars don't go up at night or in the day because the stars in the universe are always there. You can only see them, however, at night because there is no sunlight to block you from seeing them. The solar energy the stars give off aren't as bright as the sun's, causing them to seem like they aren't there when they actually always are.

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If you stand outside on a cloudless day how many stars will you see?

you will see rounding to 5,5000 stars because of the cloudness will affect you with a brightness and then your sun light will go down and 5,5000 star will come out.Kapes is the name of all stars

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