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Q: Where did the story of Pinocchio orignate?
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When was Pinocchio Story created?

Pinocchio Story was created in 2008.

What is the conclusion of the story Pinocchio?


Who is the protagonist of the story of Pinocchio?

Pinocchio and Geppetto are the protagonists of Pinocchio.

Where was Pinocchio in story?

Pinocchio charcter traits

What was the setting in the Pinocchio story?

The setting of the "Pinocchio" story is at a home in Tuscany, Italy.

What is the name of the story in which Pinocchio is the principal character?

The story is actually called pinocchio its self.

Who wrote the story of Pinocchio?

"The Adventures of Pinocchio" was written by Carlo Collodi .

What is the climax in the story Pinocchio?


What is the authors purpose in writing Pinocchio?

what is the purpose in writting pinocchio story

In Disney story of Pinocchio what was the name of the man who built Pinocchio?

The man who creates him is Geppehto.

Who is the main character in the story Pinocchio?

The main character is a wooden puppet named Pinocchio.

When does the story Pinocchio take place?

in 1456

What is the setting of the story Pinocchio?

sa kanto

What is the theme in the story Pinocchio?

Never lie

What is the name of the cat in the story of Pinocchio?

Figaro .

Does Pinocchio ever lie in the story?

yes he does

In the story Pinocchio what is Geppetto's job?


What is the problem in Pinocchio's story?

two cats see Pinocchio and say come with was Pinocchio said yes but he did that he didn't Liston to hie conscious

What do you learn from the story Pinocchio?

From the story pinocchio you learn not to lie and to wish upon a star. since pinocchio wished upon a star his dream came true. and his nose grew bigger everytime he lied.

What are some possible questions to be asked about the story of Pinocchio?

Some questions to ask about the story of Pinocchio might be:What is the moral of why Pinocchio kept seeing his nose grow;If Pinocchio had been raised in a very strict home with a good upbringing, might his nose have grown less;What is the metaphor of Pinocchio's nose?

When and Where did Pinocchio originate?

Pinocchio is an southern Italian story that in the 1600's was done with puppets. Today when you visit Siclily Pinocchio puppets are sold every where.

The original story of Pinocchio was written by?

Carlo Collodi

How is the problem solved in Pinocchio story?

This is considered the problem of the story that must be solved.

What language was the novel Pinocchio orginally written in?

Carlo Collodi, the author of Pinocchio, was from Florence.The original story was in Italian.

Where did Geppetto live?

If you are asking of Geppetto from the story of Pinocchio, he lived in Italy (the story's setting.)