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i ran into the same question a while back i cant find the crossword puzzle but i believe it is a tennis court, where the tennis court oath was made

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How did the meeting of the estates-general lead to the french revolution?

how did the meeting of the estate-general lead to the french revolution

What effect did the estates general meeting have on France's third estate?

The third estate was excluded from the estates general meeting. As the third estate made up the general populace they then formed a meeting at the local tennis court where the tennis court oath took place; this is also how they formed their national assembly for the third estate. The fact that they were excluded is said to be a contributing factor to the French Revolution

What were the demands made by the third estate during the French Revolution?

equal taxation, proportionate voting, and estate general set special meeting times, that were definite

What is a estate general?

it was the first meeting since 1614 of the french Estate General, a general assembly representing the french estate of realm.

What was the meeting of the Estate General about?

The French economic crisis.

Why was the meeting of the Estate General called by Louis XVI?

To try to resolve the economic crisis.

What is the connection between tennis and the French Revolution?

The Tennis Court Oath was a very important event during the early days of the French Revolution - members of the Third Estate who were locked out of a meeting of the Estates-General held a conference in a tennis court.

What happened after the Third Estate was locked out of the Estate general?

The Tennis court oath was formed . - a pledge signed by 576 of the 577 members from the Third Estate who were locked out of a meeting of theEstates-General on 20 June 1789 .

Why did the third estate leave in the meeting of the estates general?

the third estate didn't accept the vote that the first and second voted 2-1 to tax the third estate

Why was the meeting of the estate general called?

Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates General in 1789 because he needed more revenue. BTW, the French aristocracy was exempt from taxation. Does this sound familiar?

Who controlled the first estate in the estates general before the french revolution?

The First Estate was Catholic clergy, so essentially, the Pope.

What issue led to the first meeting of the Estate-General in 175 years?

The imposition of taxing the nobility

What organization is created as a result of the Estates-General meeting?

The National Assembly was created by the Third Estate.

What did the Third Estate rename themselves when they met apart from the general meeting?

The National Assembly - l'Assemblée Nationale

What role did the meeting of the estates general in 1789 play in bringing about the revolution?

In 1789, a meeting of the Estates General was called to work out financial issues. Disputes initiated over powers as well as the method of taxation. An impasse was reached and the Third Estate, who believed they were being treated unfairly and forced to carry the tax burden of the other two estates, formed the National Assembly, which would lead to the storming of the Bastille and the outbreak of the French Revolution.

What issue led to the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years?

proposed taxation of the second estate

Louis XlV calls a meeting of the Estate General?

False, it was Louis XVI who wanted to discuss the National debt.

Why did members of the third estate think that the general estate was unfair?

They thought the general estate was unfair because they had much more privileges than they did. Because of the Enlightment, the Third Estate wanted equality and liberty. They were also inspired by the American Revolution and began questioning the structure of their society.

Which estate had the most votes at meetings of the Estates-General?

The Third Estate had as many members as the other two put together; but it was decreed that each Estate had ONE vote. That was why the Third Estate declared itself to be the National Assembly, and that declaration (the Tennis Court Oath affirmed it) was the start of the Revolution.

What french meeting was on the same day the french revolution began?

It was the Etats Generaux, or Estates-General, which were a popular assembly composed of three estates, the nobility, the clergy and the 'third estate', which declared itself 'Assemblee Nationale' in June 1789. Really, the French revolution began with the Estates-General and the Serment du Jeu de Paume (or Tennis Court Oath) on June 20 1789 during which the representatives of the third estate took the pledge to write a constitution.

Who controlled the First Estate in the the Estates-General before the French Revolution?

Pope John Paul II

What was upsetting for the members of the third estate as they met during the estates general?

They were locked out and excluded from the meeting . Resulting in the tennis court oath

What were the events that lead up to the Tennis Court Oath?

The Third Estate was under the impression that they had been locked out of the meeting of the Estates General.

What was the status of the Estates General before the revolution?

The Estates general had not been convoked since 1614, and Louis XVI was basically forced to convoke them again in June 1789. The Estates general were an assembly of different classes (1st estate was the Clergy, 2nd was the nobility and the 3rd was the bourgeoisie). They had no power of their own, they were convoked and dismissed by the King as he pleased. But in 1789, when a revolution was on hand, the 3rd estate of this Estate General started meeting on their own, without the other two estates. King Louis XVI tried to resist to this, and he shut down the Salle des États (the place where they met). This did not stop them and the 3rd estate moved to a nearby tennis court. Here they swore the Tennis Court Oath, stating they would never disband until there was a proper constitution written for France. Soon the 1st and 2nd estate joined them in their revolutionary ideas, and this event was (together with the storming of the Bastille 1 month later) the start of the French Revolution.

Which estate started the French Revolution?

The Third Estate.