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Southern colonies

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Q: Where did the town form of local government begin?
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What is an urban local self government?

'''Local self-government''' is a form of public administration, such that the inhabitants of a certain territory form a community that is recognized by the central government and has a specific legal status. It is basically the smallest governing unit in a governing system in a city,town or village which looks after the local problems and basic amenities of their own specific area.It reduces pressure on The State Govt. and Union Govt..It also provides a training center for all politicians who want to handle Higher posts in future.It is not a Local Govt..

What is the local government responsible?

The local government is responsible for the needs of the citizens in a city or town. Some examples of what they are responsible for are: town planning, rubbish collection, Swimming Pools, parks, sewerage, libraries, streets and bridges.In Australia, local government is responsible for things such as Waste management, maintenance of community spaces and local roads, community libraries and handle development for the area.swimming poolsparkslibrariesbridgetown planningseweragepreschoolslocal roads

What is the difference between national government and local government?

A national government governs a whole country. Local government is just responsible for a part of a country, like a town council or a regional council. They do not have as much power as the government and only deal with issues within their particular regions.

Who granted a form of self government to the colonists in James town?

The queen of the country that they came from.

Which is the highest form of local government?

You must define YOUR meaning of the word "local." (in the US) Starting at the lowest level the progression would be - a Township - a Town - a City - a County. Also - in some counties there may be un-incorporated areas that do not qualify as governmental entities unto themselves, and they would fall under the immediate purview of the County Government. Anything after the County level would be State government.

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What local government is in charge of a town or city?

Municipal government is the local government in charge of a town or city.

A form of local government organized around a town is called a government?

by m e apex VV municipal

What is local democracy?

Democracy is a form of government in which people have a voice in the exercise of power , typically through elected representatives

What is the local government organised around a town?

A Town Council.

The lowest level of local government is the county?

false.Added: It is the local town or municipality.

Were do the local government meet?

Usually in the Town Hall.

What is the largest town in Warwickshire?

Warwick is the County Town - the seat of Local Government - and Nuneaton is the largest town.

What does the town hall do?

The town hall is like a city hall but for the people who inhabitat the town or city. City hall is government officials. Town is not for government officials.

What local government is in charge of a city or town and the area that surrounds?


What local government is in charge of a city or town and the area the surrounds it?


What local government is in charge of a city and town or area that surrounds it?


What local government is in charge of city or town and the area that surrounds it?