Where did the words cockpit and cocktail come from?

A cockpit was originally a sunken pit dug for cock-fighting(or roosters) which came to be applied to similar quarters below deck/sea-level on ships due to the fact that they were sunken like a cock's-pit; from there, the term became attached to airplanes and then to automobiles(yes, that space you sit in when you're driving your car is called the cockpit).

As a reference to an alcoholic drink, the word "cocktail" comes from the fact that they were fancy drinks adorned with garnishes and umbrellas and mixed with bright colours and the like which made them resemble the tail-feathers of Roosters(or "cocks' tails").


There is a story of a waitress who used to stir drinks with a rooster's tail feather, and her customers started asking for a cocktail.