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Where did tojo ruled?


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Hideki Tojo was the Prime Minister of Japan during World War 2.

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Tojo was the Japanese leader in ww2. i believe he was the emperor. He ruled the lands that japan seized. hope that helped.

The Prime Minister was Hideki Tojo.The Emperor ruled under the advice of GEN Tojo.

In WW II the three Axis powers, and the dictators who ruled them, were: Germany, ruled by Adolf Hitler Italy, ruled by Benito Mussolini, and Japan, ruled by Hideki Tojo (who was acting theoretically on behalf of Emperor Hirohito).

One of Japan's historical people was Tojo. Tojo was the leader of the military. Also at the time Hirohito ruled Japan during World War 2.

Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo from 18 October 1941 to 22 July 1944 ,

Germany, Japan, and Italy. Hitler, Hirohito(although General Tojo really pulled the strings), and Mussolini, respectively.

Hideki Tojo believed in communism

Koshun Tojo was born in 1980.

Yuko Tojo was born in 1939.

Tojo Yamamoto was born in 1927.

Hideki Tojo was the Prime Minister of Japan in WW2 .

Hideki tojo was born December 30,1884 in Tokyo

Hideki Tojo was born on December 30, 1884.

Emi Tojo was born on 1976-04-09.

Tojo Yamamoto died on 1992-02-19.

Hideki Tojo was Prime Minister of Japan in WW2

Tojo Yamamoto's birth name is Harold Watanabe.

Tojo - song - was created in 1983-06.

It's highly possible that Tojo clan's first chairman might be someone which is descendant of Hideki Tojo, Japanese Prime Minister during WWII. It may be Tojo himself. I hope the answer is to your satisfactory.

Hideki Tojo.hideki tojo if your on novanet

Hideke Tojo was from Japan and became a dictator in the end he was found guilty and hung.

When Japan lost the war and Tojo was hanged for war crimes..........

Hideki Tojo apologized for atrocities he committed before he was hanged.

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