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Where did you find a shiny rakuaza?

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to find a shiny rayqaza you need to save it in front of him and keep battling him if it dosent work shut it of and keep trying. note:he is the coolest shiny cause he is black which is a good look for him

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Where are you find shiny?

This makes no sense, but you find a shiny in grass, as finding a shiny is 100% random.

Can you find a Shiny Kyurem?

Yes, you will be able to find a Shiny Kyurem.

Where can you get rakuaza in Pokemon sapphire?

Just like emerald and ruby except only Kyogre and Raquaza is in Sapphire

Where can you find the shiny Magikarp in the resort area in Pokemon platinum?

you can find a shiny magicarp but its a normal chance of being shiny. you can find a lv 100 .

Where do you find aipom in Pokemon shiny gold?

how do u find a shiny aipom in Pokemon silver how do u find a shiny aipom in Pokemon silver

Where do you find shiny Pokemon in pearl?

You can find shiny Pokemon randomly through out the game.

Where can you find a shiny stone in Pokemon black?

You can find a Shiny Stone in route 6.

Where can you find a shiny shinx?

Where you can find a shinx you can find a shiny shinx since a shiny pokemon only appears (I'm not 100 percent on the statistics) 1 in 8192

Can you find a shiny shaymin?

activate the shiny code with action replay and then activate the shaymin evant as well so you find a shiny shamin

How do you get a shiny luxray on Pokemon pearl?

You have to find a shiny Shinx.

Where do you find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you can find shiny Pokemon anywhere but they are REALLY rare.

Where to find a shiny stone in platinum?

To find a shiny stone in platinum you have to dig in the underground tunnel.

How do you find a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

you can only find a shiny like 1 out of 1356.73

Is mica shiny?

You might be lucky enough to find a Pokémon such a Mica which is shiny. It is random if you will find a shiny Pokémon.

Where do you find shiny geodude?

where ever you find geodudes one could be shiny i found a shiny before my first gym it was in Oreburgh Gate on Pearl

Where is there a better chance for you to find a shiny Pokemon?

There is no better chance its just luck that you could find a shiny.

Pokemon platinum how to find shiny regiice?

You cant find a shiny regice unless you have action replay

How do you get the shiny rhyhorn in Pokemon gold?

You have to find them by chance. Walk around where they are and maybe you will find a shiny ryhorn.

How can you find shiny Pokemon in emerald?

Its random to find shiny Pokemon you have a 1/8000 chances to see one if you want to find a certain Pokemon shiny stay in the area of that Pokemon where either you can find it all the time or most of the time: For Example: Stay in Artisan Cave to find a shiny Smeargle.

How do you find shiny kirlia?

You just have to keep looking for a shiny Ralts.

How do you find a shiny charazard on Pokemon?

It is not possible to simply find a shiny Charizard on Pokémon. You would have to be lucky enough to get a shiny Charmander and then evolve it.

Where do you get a shiny stone?

You can find a Shiny Stone in Route 228 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In Pokemon Platinum, you can also find a Shiny Stone on Iron Island.

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in black without an action replay?

You just have to keep finding pokemon and eventually you will find a shiny. The chance of encountering a shiny pokemon is very low, but eventually you will find an shiny pokemon.

How do you catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

it is very rae to find them but if your lucky enough you will find one i did insted use the poke radar if the grass is shiny rusling its shiny i caught like 10 shiny Pokemon and i got dialga shiny

How do you find a shiny noctowl?

The same way you find any shiny pokemon, either constantly run back and forth in grass that you want to encounter as a shiny, or constantly breed the pokemon until you hatch a shiny.