Where did your Pokemon GO after you tradid your Pokemon to black on HeartGold your Pokemon whetr their?

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If you Poke Transfer from Heart Gold to Black, the Pokemon should be in your box
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How do you get Pokemon HeartGold?

It comes out in America in Spring 2010. It is already out in Japan. You can either get it in Japanese now, or wait for the English version.

When is pokemon heartgold and soulsilver going to come out?

Well, like the last question about it, quit worrying. But in Japan it comes out this fall. But in the USA, it come out in mid-Spring. Anymore questions just go to bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net that website has all answers about pokemon. In the USA it Comes out on March 14, 2010 and If you reserve ( Full Answer )

Can you go to Hoenn in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot. Hoenn is only available in the generation 3 games Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Pokemon Heart Gold contains Johto (second gen location) and Kanto (first gen location).

How many regions can you go in Pokemon HeartGold?

two, johto and kanto. you can go to kanto after you defeat the elite four in johto. Yeah. Wish I could catch Ho-Oh. un less you count singho ruins that is kind of part of the siniho region so you can go to three bacicly.

What legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon HeartGold?

Well, you can get Articuno in Seafoam islands, Zapdos at the power plant, Moltres at Mt. Silver, Mewtwo in cerulean cave, Suicune at route 25, Entei and raikou roaming johto, you can find latias roaming kanto, latios in pewter city (enigma crystal), Kyogre and rayquaza in the hidden tower, and Dialg ( Full Answer )

How do you get the black suit from the man in Pokemon heartgold?

To get the team rocket uniform, to get in the radio tower. all you have to do is talk to the rocket in the lobby of the tower, he wont let you in until you have a uniform. So go to the underground tunnel and near the photo studio there will be a rocket who will give you one!

What are lances Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokemon HeartGold, Lance has a Gyrados (Level 46), three Dragonites (Two of them are Level 49, and one of them is Level 50), an Aerodactyl (Level 48), and a Charizard (Level 48). The second time you challenge him, he has some different Pokemon with higher levels. He has a Salamence (Level 72), ( Full Answer )

How do you go to blackthorn city in Pokemon heartgold?

After arriving at Mahogany, deal with Team Rocket at the Lake of Rage, Lance will then come and you'll have to fight more Team Rocket Grunts and what-not. After you can challenge the Mahogany Gym Leader; Pryce, if you succeed in winning you'll be able to pass through the right where the man was sell ( Full Answer )

How do you get a Pokemon flute in Pokemon HeartGold?

first you must go to the radio tower in the second region after fixing the power plant problem then switch your radio station the the pokeflute channel(middle top leftish ) then exit out of it leaving it on thn tlk to snor lax it shud say "snorlaxes eyes opend" There isn't one. If you want to wake u ( Full Answer )

How can you go to Kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

First you must defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, Lance. Then, go to New Bark Town, and talk to Professor Elm. He'll give you a pass that will allow you to board the S.S. [Anne]. Aboard the ship, you will have to find the energetic girl before the ship will land in Vermillion City, in the Kanto ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

After you have beaten the Elite 4 of Johto and Champion Lance,the credits will start. When the credit ends you will be sent back to your house you will have to go to Professor Elm.He will then give you the S.S. Ticket and tell you to go to Olivine City's harbor.You will then be transported to Vermil ( Full Answer )

Where to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold?

You can only get one in normal gameplay.A gyarados. Any other way is technically impossible without an Action Replay unless you are very lucky, and happen to run across a shiny pokemon. Every time you battle a wild Pokemon, you have approximately 1/8200 chance of it being shiny, however many people ( Full Answer )

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

I've been told that there is NO cloning method in HG or SS. You would likely need an action replay to do anything like that. ...Cheater. ;P Or, you can put the Pokemon in the daycare, with either a Pokemon of the opposite gender or a ditto. However, there are certain Pokemon that you cannot ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold?

Here are the steps: . Make sure you have the National Dex and go to Fuchsia City. . Enter the Pal Park and save, then turn it off. . Insert Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen game pack into the DS. (Does not work with 3DS or DSi.) . Turn the game back on and it'll show an e ( Full Answer )

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Take it from me, I've never lost a battle. Use your starter and what ever the first five Pokemon you caught were and train 'em all forget the ones in the PC they are worthless. Now get out there and train and don't be lazy or nerdy trying to find their stats!

What is better Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black by far. but if you have a choice between Pokemon black or Pokemon white get white. you can get more Pokemon in white than black , plus there is white forest and you can get rare Pokemon there i think

In Pokemon HeartGold can you go to Hoenn?

Sadly, no, you cannot go to Hoenn (THE BEST REGION EVA!) in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver. If you want all the cool Hoenn Pokemon, I would recommend purchasing an Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby. These games can be played either in a GBA (game boy advanced) or the second compartement in a DS lite.

Where do you go to get raqazza Pokemon HeartGold?

first, you have to get both Groudon and Kyogre in your party. then, go professor oak and he will give you an orb. go to the embedded tower in the ruins off of Cianwood. Raquaza should be there. ps. Raquaza won't be there if you traded Kyogre or Groudon from Ruby or Sapphire. they have to be from Sou ( Full Answer )

Can you transfer Pokemon from your HeartGold to black and white?

Yes, First you need to beat Black or White. Second you have to go to the Pokemon Transfer lab and speak to the scientist on top of the steps. Third You need to have another DS with Heart Gold, make sure the Pokemon you want to transfer are in storage in the Pokemon center, then go to the ma ( Full Answer )

How do you transfer pokemon from heartgold to black?

i don't think you can trade from heart gold to black. if you could. both the generatoins would go into the green room one person would request for a trade (I DON'T THINK YOU CAN TRADE)

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Black to Pokemon HeartGold?

No :( Because Black and White version have completely new Pokemon, they are not known to Heartgold and Soulsilver and the games cannot read their data. However, you CAN get your old Pokemon from Heartgold/Soulsilver onto Black/White! :D You can TRANSFER only. If you read the booklet your Black ( Full Answer )

How can you trade Pokemon from heartgold to black and white?

Well, I answered the same question before, so here you go: Okay, first of all, you have to beat the game [beating the game as in beating the Elite Four, N, and Ghetitis...] then, you'll see that there are some places you can't unlock until you beat the game. This includes the place where you can ( Full Answer )

Can you trade from heartgold to black on Pokemon?

No. Heart Gold does not contain the data for Black and White Pokemon in its game card. You can, however, send Pokemon from Heart Gold to Black using Poketransfer, which is available after you beat the Elite Four in Black. According to serebii.net only a select few can be taded to Heart Gold/Soul Sil ( Full Answer )

Can you trade Pokemon to heartgold to Pokemon Black?

After beating the story and obtaining the National Pokedex. Go to Route 15 in Pokemon Black to the Pokemon Shifter Building. Connect a second DS running Heartgold. There you will be able to transfer up to 6 Pokemon from Heartgold to Black/White. Make sure the Pokemon transfering have no items and do ( Full Answer )

Can you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon HeartGold to Pokemon black?

Yes, once you complete the game, you can access the PokeTransfer lab, which will let you migrate Pokemon to Black/White, from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, HG and SS. But you're going to need another DS system. The PokeLab is around the route right of Nimbasa city.

How do you transfer pokemon from Pokemon HeartGold to pokemon black?

For the three shiny legendary dogs and the event Celebi go to Castelia and use the get the relocator. For everyone else, you have to beat the Elite Four in Black first. Then go over to Route 15 and go into the Pokemon transfer lab and talk to the guy at the end. There will be a very annoying mini ga ( Full Answer )

Can you connect Pokemon HeartGold to Pokemon black?

You can transfer Pokemon, but you can't trade. Since HeartGold was released before Black, HeartGold doesn't know Black exists. However, Black knows HeartGold exists. You need to be on Route 16 in Black version, which requires beating the Elite Four.

Can you trade Pokemon from Black 2 to HeartGold?

Unfortunately, no. You can trade Pokemon from older games to more recent games, but not send newer Pokemon back to older games. One reason is that the older games won't even have all the Pokemon that the newer games have, and they upgrade the gameplay as well, so it would be hard. If you trade all y ( Full Answer )